Britain’s Ministry of Defense says alcohol was responsible for some of the Russian military casualties in the war in Ukraine

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(Berlin = Yonhap News) Reporter Yi Yul = Some of the Russian casualties in the invasion of Ukraine were caused by causes not related to combat, such as drinking, the British Ministry of Defense said.

Graves of unknown victims of Russian military massacre in Ukraine

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“Of the 200,000 casualties Russia has suffered since its invasion of Ukraine, a significant minority of these have been caused by non-combat causes,” the UK Ministry of Defense said in an intelligence update about the war in Ukraine posted on Twitter on the 2nd (local time).

“On the 27th of last month, the Telegram news channel in Russia reported a very high number of alcohol-related incidents, crimes and deaths among Russian soldiers deployed to Ukraine,” the Ministry of Defense said.

Russian military commanders point out that heavy drinking is particularly detrimental to combat effectiveness, but heavy drinking is common in Russian society, and drinking is accepted as part of Russian military life, even in combat, explained the Ministry of Defence.

In addition, lack of training in the use of weapons, traffic accidents, and hypothermia also cause casualties due to non-combat causes, the Ministry of National Defense added.

Every day since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the British Ministry of Defense has been publishing information it has received from intelligence services about the development of the war in Ukraine. Through this, it is to refute Russian war propaganda and to encourage its allies. Russia accuses British intelligence of a deliberate disinformation campaign.

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