British exposé Mandy Lieu recently revealed that her hair has been seriously slicked back without make-up, which is worrying

Suncity Group founder (1383) “Xi Mi Hua” Zhou Zhuohua was arrested in Macau in November 2021 and charged with a total of 289 crimes including establishing and directing a criminal group, money laundering and illegal gambling. In January this year, the judge convicted him of a total of 162 charges and sentenced him to 18 years in prison for each charge. It refers to Zhou Zhuohua and other defendants who have appealed to the Intermediate Court, and the Procuratorate also appealed against the ruling. Zhou Zhuohua’s appeal has not yet been resolved, and his ex-girlfriend Mandy Lieu currently remains focused on looking after the Ewhurst manor she bought for 28 million pounds (about 290 million Hong Kong dollars).

Mandy Lieu goes into battle without makeup! (online photo)
Nicknamed “Xi Mi Hua”, Zhou Zhuohua’s business covers gaming, entertainment, film and television and other fields. (File photo / photo by Fu Xiangding)

Mandy Lieu also revealed that the staff of the Malaysian Consulate in the UK and 60 primary school students went to visit her manor house together. Mandy Lieu, who went into battle without make-up, is very simple. The previous beautiful image has disappeared, but she has to take care of the manor and take care of 4 As a child, some netizens noticed that Mandy Lieu’s hairline has been severely receded, causing concern.

Very professional! (online photo)

Click to view Mandy Lieu’s latest position:


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