British media: If Russia invades Ukraine, British troops will withdraw as planned

British media: If Russia invades Ukraine, British troops will withdraw as planned

The Russian army is gathering on the Ukrainian border, and the war is on the verge of breaking out. The British “Daily Express” reported on Monday (27th) that the British commander had formulated a contingency plan. Once the Russian army invaded Ukraine, more than 100 British troops who assisted in the training of the Ukrainian army would immediately withdraw.

The report quoted a source as saying that the code name of the plan is “Operation Orbital” (Operation Orbital, tentative translation), and the purpose is to ensure that all British soldiers deployed in Ukraine can safely withdraw. If war breaks out, most of the British troops stationed in Yavoliv in western Ukraine will drive to the Polish border not far away. The British staff team stationed in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, will also go to the Polish border to meet in the same way, and a maritime training officer corps in Odessa has returned to Britain for Christmas.

The retreat order will be issued by the British joint operations commander Lieutenant General Charlie Strickland, who will monitor the situation with the joint command staff during the Christmas period, and will give orders at any time. According to sources, Strickland will carefully evaluate any actions that may affect the ability of the British forces to withdraw, and he will never allow the British forces to be trapped in Ukraine.

The spokesperson of the British Ministry of Defence responded that since Russia illegally annexed Crimea in 2015, the British armed forces have been deployed to support the Ukrainian armed forces. Secretary of Defense Wallis earlier reiterated that in the face of continued Russian aggression, the United Kingdom will unswervingly support the Ukrainian people; the British military action plan will be routinely evaluated, but it will not be made public for security reasons.

Since 2015, the British army has provided medical care, planning, logistics and infantry training to more than 21,000 Uzbekistan troops. The British government decided in 2019 to extend the operation to 2023 and extend the scope to the Ukrainian navy. In addition to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Poland also sent military advisers to Ukraine.


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