British media “Including Son Heung-min, 6 Tottenham players confirmed to be Corona” | Morning & Now


Local media reported that Tottenham Hotspur player Son Heung-min was infected with Corona. Connect with the press and find out.

Reporter Yu Mi-hye, I heard the news that Son Heung-min was confirmed to have Corona in the past, but it was not actually an infection. Isn’t that what the club has said yet?


British football media ‘Football Insider’ reported that Son Heung-min was one of six Tottenham players who tested positive.

Previously, the BBC reported only that many Tottenham players tested positive.

‘Football Insider’ revealed the names of players who tested positive on that day.

Son Heung-min was included in the list along with Lucas Mora and others.

However, the official position of the Tottenham club has not yet been released, so it seems that it remains to be seen whether the confirmation is a little more.


Regarding the omicron mutation, the Israeli doctor who was infected had something to say. A person who became infected after the 3rd vaccination was completed?


Yes, he said he had a fever and was extremely tired.

A doctor working at Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest hospital, was interviewed by the local media.

“Omicron was stronger than I expected,” he said. “I had a fever for 48 hours, and I was extremely tired for 72 hours,” he said.

He tested positive at the end of last month on a trip to the UK and was confirmed to have Omicron infection a few days later.

“Vaccines don’t completely protect us, but they don’t get us seriously ill or die,” he said.

He received three Pfizer vaccines and returned to work ten days after being confirmed.


In Korea, the number of confirmed youth among young people is also on the rise, and the World Health Organization has confirmed this trend. The countermeasure that comes out is vaccines, but we are not the only ones who are against this, right?


The World Health Organization, the WHO European Office, released an analysis at the dawn of today (8th), our time, that the age group 5-14 years old has the highest infection rate.

The American Academy of Pediatrics reported last week that children accounted for more than 22% of all confirmed cases.

In this atmosphere, more and more countries are obligated to vaccinate children.

In New York, USA, to enter indoor facilities such as restaurants, children must also prove that they have been vaccinated at least once.

Listen to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

[빌 더블라지오/미국 뉴욕시장 : 이미 12만7천명 이상의 뉴욕시 어린이들이 예방접종을 받았습니다. 좋은 편이지만 충분하지 않습니다. 더 많이 접종해야 합니다.]

In Europe, as the age at which vaccine passes are applied is gradually decreasing, the backlash from parents who are concerned about side effects is also growing.


Finally, a fire broke out in a prison in Central Africa, and the number of casualties was high.


At least 38 people died and 69 were seriously injured in the fire.

A fire broke out around 4 a.m. while inmates were sleeping in a prison in Burundi’s political capital, Gitega.

Burundi’s Interior Ministry said on Twitter that the cause of the fire was an electrical short.

The 100-year-old prison has a capacity of 400, but as of last month, it is known that 1,500 were incarcerated.


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