British Media “Tottenham should give Son Heung-min a free kick”

photo = Yonhap News

[뉴스토마토 박창욱 기자] The captain of the Korean national team, Son Heung-min (30. Tottenham Hotspur) scored a great free kick goal in the match against Costa Rica on the 23rd, and British local media are calling him to be a dedicated free kick kicker.

British Media The Athletic reported on the 28th (local time) that “Tottenham Hotspur are unable to solve the world’s easiest puzzle. We must leave the free-kick to Son Heung-min.”

The Athletic added, “Now Heung-Min Son has to raise his hand to take the free kick.”

According to reports, Tottenham have attempted 124 direct free kicks since 2017, but have only scored 4 goals. This is also the lowest position in the EPL. Kane is Tottenham’s free kick taker, and his success rate is not that high.

Another local media, Football London, said, “Heung-min Son gave the answer to coach Antonio Conte.” “Kane often has chances, but there is no free kick goal, and so is Dyer. Now Heung-min Son has to kick.”

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min scored his fourth free kick in an A match against Costa Rica. This is tied for 1st place with the ‘Left-footed Master’ Ha Seok-joo.

By Park Chang-wook, staff reporter

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