British mutated COVID spreads to 50 countries

COVID-19 virus Mutant First met in England It has now spread to 50 countries and territories. According to the World Health Organization on Wednesday, the mutant virus found in South Africa has spread to 20 countries.

The World Health Organization statement on Wednesday said that “third type” of the novel coronavirus was recently detected in Japan and that experts were investigating. And accelerate to find a way to stop the outbreak

Since it was first reported to the World Health Organization on Dec. 14, COVID-19 virus Mutant The British flag found in England as VOC 202012/01 was detected in 50 countries and territories. The mutant species found in South Africa. For the first time on Dec. 18, called 501YV2 (501Y.V2), the latest report was detected in 20 countries and territories.

The statement said the World Health Organization was notified by the Japanese authorities on Jan. 9 that it had detected a new mutated virus. Which is the third type out of 4 travelers traveling from Brazil. It is 2 adults and 2 children. Japanese experts are investigating further. And find measures to prevent epidemic

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