British Prime Minister Sunak Arrested on Suspicions of Spying for China During G20 Summit

On September 10, British Prime Minister Sunak was apprehended on suspicion of espionage for China during a summit in India with Chinese Premier Li Qiang. The meeting took place during the Group of 20 (G20) summit, where Sunak addressed the arrests of two British citizens and expressed concerns about Chinese interference in British parliamentary democracy. US President Biden was also in attendance (representative photo session in New Delhi on September 9, 2023 Reuters).

According to reports, two individuals, including an employee of the British parliament working on an investigation, have been arrested by the London Metropolitan Police in connection with the alleged espionage.

When questioned about the matter, Sunak acknowledged limitations on what he could disclose due to the ongoing investigation. However, he strongly conveyed his concerns about interference in British parliamentary democracy to Li Qiang, deeming it entirely unacceptable.

Sunak also emphasized the value of the UK’s approach of engaging with China despite differences in opinion. He asserted that it is more effective to address concerns individually and specifically rather than simply condemning from a distance.

Despite these assertions, the Chinese side released details of the meeting, highlighting discussions on espionage and welcoming increased practical cooperation between the UK and China. Li Qiang stated that the two countries should handle their differences appropriately, emphasizing shared perspectives and opinions.

On their part, the Chinese Embassy in the UK released a statement on their website, characterizing the charges as fabricated and calling for an end to anti-China political movements. They classified the situation as a “self-created political farce” and vowed firm opposition against the charges.

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On September 10, British Prime Minister Sunak (pictured left) was arrested on suspicion of spying for China during a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Qiang in India, where the Group of 20 (G20) summit was taking place . It was revealed that he touched on the issue of two British citizens being arrested and expressed concerns about Chinese interference in British parliamentary democracy. On the right is US President Biden. Representative photo session in New Delhi on the 9th (2023 Reuters)

[10日 ロイター] – Two British citizens were arrested on suspicion of spying for China when British Prime Minister Sunak met Chinese Premier Li Qiang in India, where the Group 20 (G20) summit was held. he expressed his concerns about Chinese interference in British parliamentary democracy.

The London Metropolitan Police have confirmed that they have arrested two people, and according to the Sunday Times, one of them was an employee of the British parliament working on an investigation.

Mr Sunak declined to say he was limited in what he could say about matters under investigation, but said he had raised with Mr Li Qiang “his very strong concerns about interference in our parliamentary democracy, which is definitely is unacceptable”.

Mr Sunak also emphasized that although his meeting with Mr Li Qiang raised some issues that he had different views on, he also discovered that there was value in the UK’s strategy of engaging with China. “The right thing to do is to take the opportunity to engage and raise concerns individually and specifically, rather than shouting from the other side,” he added.

However, the content of the meeting between Mr. Sunak and Mr Li Qiang published by the Chinese side talking about the espionage issue, and welcomed the expansion of the UK’s practical cooperation with China, with Mr Li Qiang saying, “The two countries share their views and opinions.” We should deal with the differences appropriately,” he is quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Embassy in the UK issued a statement on its website regarding the arrest. He said the charges were fabricated and called for an end to anti-China political movements and “self-created political farce,” saying he would firmly oppose the charges.

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