British royal grudges|Henry Megan issued a statement to counterattack his brother William, feeling angry that the Queen was humiliated and not respected-News-am730

British royal grudges | Henry Meghan issued a statement to counterattack his brother William, feeling angry that the Queen was humiliated and not respected


Henry and Megan (the last row) who moved to the United States accepted an exclusive interview with the local media, causing them to further break with the British royal family. William (in front of Henry) was furious at their statement. (Profile picture)

British Prince Henry and his wife Meghan accepted an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, an American celebrity. They are expected to explode their grievances with the British royal family, resulting in a further break with the British royal family. After Henry and Meghan decided not to return to royal jobs and perform voluntary work, they were removed from all honorary titles by the Queen of England. The two immediately issued a statement saying that “voluntary work is global”, that is, it is not necessary to stay The British royal family is regarded as the decision to counterattack the Queen of England. The Sunday Times quoted news that Henry’s brother, Prince William, was furious and very sad about the statement. He believed that his grandmother Queen England was insulted and was not respected, describing the statement as “willful”.

Buckingham Palace said on Friday that the Henrys had indicated to the Queen that they would not return to their positions as members of the royal family and formally “leave” the royal family. The Queen of England removed the honorary military posts and the title of royal patron. The Sunday Mail stated that the Henrys had not notified the Queen of England that they would accept Oprah Winfrey’s interview until the production unit leaked the news. The interview was recorded last Wednesday and last Thursday and is expected to be broadcast on the 7th of next month. The royal family insisted that the Queen of England did not remove the honorary titles of the two because they were interviewed. As for the brotherhood of William and Henry, royal sources said that after William’s anger, he found that he and his younger brother were drifting away. “They shared their lives, including the office, charity fund, and most of their time together. Medicine, he (William) will be missed very much.” A friend said that William has not been able to get out of this mess, but believes that time can bring the two brothers together.

Source: royal grievances|Henry Meghan issued a statement to fight back against his brother William’s anger-feeling that the Queen was humiliated and not respected-256506

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