Britney Spears’ $ 57 million fortune is at stake

Britney Spears’ $ 57 million fortune is jeopardized by her “refusal to perform” and the “burn rate” of attorney fees, new court documents obtained exclusively from The sun Request.

Documents also reveal Britney, who this week stripped off in leotard and crop top while filming herself dancing around her Los Angeles home, won’t consider going on stage or in a recording studio again until. he won’t be able to manage his finances the way he wants.

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The star, who last performed in Las Vegas in December 2017, is looking to hire a new legal team so she can appoint New York’s Bessemer Trust to manage her business.

But his father Jamie, who controls his money’s winnings as head of his tutelage, says the cost is too high.

Britney wants to hire Loeb & Loeb law firm to replace her father and make the independent Bessemer Trust her curator.

But their rates are said to be between $ 590 and $ 945 an hour is not “in Ms. Spears’ best interest, given the inevitable, very substantial expense that would be incurred,” says her father in the paperwork.

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Jamie’s attorney says in new documents, “The ‘burn rate’ that the Summer is experiencing is high, and Ms. Spears has decided not to work right now.

“Mr. Spears remains concerned about the ‘burn rate’ and, at the same time, believes it is in Ms. Spears’ best interest to make sure Ms. Spears can get back to work with ease if she so desires in the future.

“Of course, Mr. Spears acknowledges that his decision to work is entirely up to Mrs. Spears.”

The 38-year-old mother of two has been trying to remove her father from her guardianship for several months.

Britney’s legal representative, Sam Ingham, replies, “Britney simply doesn’t share Jamie’s vision of a future where she resumes performing and leaves him running her estate completely as she has in the past.

Britney Spears with dad Jamie.  Image: supplied.

Britney Spears with dad Jamie. Image: supplied.

“Instead he has appointed Bessemer Trust as an independent and highly qualified full-service financial advisor with whom he can partner to plan his future needs, whether or not he chooses to perform again.

“The only way to make sure Britney’s voice is heard will be if she has qualified legal counsel to put her on an equal footing with Jamie.”

He says there won’t be an “inevitable and very substantial expense” in hiring new lawyers, adding that his father’s representatives only need to pick up the phone to fix the problem.

“His advisers are always invited to pick up the phone to discuss a resolution,” the doctors say.

The documents also reveal that Britney’s estate spent $ 300,000 in legal fees to fight a separate case against her former manager, Sam Lufti.

He and Britney fought a lengthy libel suit that began in 2009 and ended in 2016 when they were awarded a figure in the low six figures.

Jamie Spears will return to court - with daughter Britney - on October 14th.

Jamie Spears will return to court – with daughter Britney – on October 14th.

Britney has her court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham while her father uses the Freeman, Freeman & Smiley law firm.

Britney’s estate pays all of its costs, which are said to have run into “millions” since her business was taken over by the tutelage in 2008 following its well-publicized collapse.

Dustin Strand, one of the organizers of the Free Britney movement who is trying to end her tutelage, said: “Britney’s father is just delaying things so he can stay in control which ironically is also costing a huge amount of money. .

“Britney has spent millions on attorney fees over more than a decade due to this unfair protection.

The Free Britney movement is trying to end her tutelage. Image: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images.

“Her father is now fighting her every step of the way and it’s really sad for both of us to have reached this stage.”

Britney’s guardianship will return to court in Los Angeles on October 14.

This article originally appeared in the Sun and has been reproduced here with permission

Originally released as Britney Spears’ $ 57 million fortune at risk

Britney with boyfriend Sam Asghari.  Image: Britney Spears / Instagram.

Britney with boyfriend Sam Asghari. Image: Britney Spears / Instagram.


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