Britney Spears kills in lingerie with sheer black stockings and low-rise panties


Britney used a trendy piece of jewelry to add a pop of color to her dark look.

In her latest Instagram share, Britney Spears swapped her crop tops and little khaki shorts for a darker, racing look. The “Toxic” singer even gave fans a glimpse of her lingerie in the picture, which she posted to her account on Tuesday.

Britney, 38, used the eye-catching photo of her all-black look to tease her mysterious “Red” project. She stood in front of a stark white background with a padded piano bench directly behind her. She shook a bralette that fitted her like a glove. It boasted a high neckline and broad shoulders. A sheer floral lace overlay revealed only a hint of neckline. The cups were lined with opaque fabric that kept Britney from revealing too much. Mesh accents curve around the bust, accentuating its shape. The elongated central gore was made with a fine mesh.

The sides of the garment featured a unique circular coating for a modern and edgy touch. The neckline was adorned with a smaller version of the characteristic embellishment, while the classic scalloped lace finished the hem. Britney’s ensemble included a more understated pair of panties that had a low-rise silhouette. Over her undergarment, she wore a pair of sheer stockings with a waist that reached close to her navel. The tube featured a smooth design around the hips and stomach area, while the legs sported a striped houndstooth pattern.

The hitmaker “Oops! … I did it again” accessorized with one of the black chokers she often wears in her fashion photos. She also added a pop of color to her look by pinning a large, whimsical brooch around her neck. The piece included a gold setting with sparkling green gems. The largest stone adorned the center and boasted a classic marquise shape. In her caption, the singer revealed that she recently “found” the jewelry.

Britney wore her long blonde hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. The extremities had been placed over his right shoulder. Her thick curtain fringe was swept to the side and the tip of a small lock of hair curved in front of her left eye. She gave the camera an intense stare, sucking her cheeks and pursing her lips as she stared directly at the lens. She posed with her hands on her hips, revealing that her nails were painted with bright pink nail polish.

The sassy snapshot of the singer amassed over 140,000 likes during the first two hours it was posted on her account. In the comments section, her fans also let her know how much they love her.

“I hope you feel good, honey. You are beautiful. Know that we love you so much and that we are here for you, “said one admirer.

“Giving me Blackout vibes queen, I’m in need of a Blackout 2.0 album”, read more message.

“QUEEN !!! you look great! The fit, the eyes, the beauty! Top quality !!!!” gushed a third fan.



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