Britney Spears, Mental Health & How We Speak About Her Struggle

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“I repeat, Britney Spears is on Instagram!! ”

This was one of the first Tweets I read on my timeline on 3 April. I immediately sent to the Instagram profile of Spears and then there was: her first job since January. True to her Insta-brand, it was an inspirational spirit: “Fall in love to take care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit. ”

She said, “We all have to spend time with a bit of time.”

Minutes later, news broke that Spears checked herself in a mental health facility the previous week. According to TMZ, she spends 30 days at the facility in the treatment of her emotional wellbeing. This news follows the cancellation of the second Las Vegas residency in January to target father support, which was hospitalized in late 2018 following a ruptured colon.

It is impossible to reflect on their mental health today without having to think of the difficulties she had previously – the photo is so for her, brand new hair, which is about to shade teal to be inserted into a paparazzi SUV door still burnt consciously .

In fact, Spears can't think in one context without thinking about their mental health, and we are not always sensitive about it. Proof: What continues with exciting social media accounts: “If Britney did it in 2007, you can do it today.

That is not to say that we have not learned anything. In contrast to the media coverage of Britney's 2007 breakdown and the subsequent difficulties, the news outlets did not keep the latest news sensationalizing. Some journalists lost the mark; Page SixThe article was opened openly with him, "Add more time to my child, ”And Entertainment Tonight label it as “cry for help, ”Promising their audience data about their personal health matters. Choose the first one also an indifferent image of Spears to go with their stretch, suggesting that treating their mental health is a weak expression of his character. But, for the most part, the coverage was not sensitive, at least simple.

But that's not enough, because of how we Talking about Spears today also shows our own attitude to mental health. While we can intellectually understand that it is inappropriate to play with people who have mental illnesses, this constant ongoing reaction is always on its fake Spears. It is as if the public's view of Spears is frozen in time, when we can't see her breakdown to give her full recognition as a person.

Despite a highly successful career that goes beyond music and merchandise (its fragrance business is worth a billion dollars dollars), it is the general public that combines it with its breakdown. We can clearly promote it today. While they have good intentions, high qualifications such as this have exacerbated the gravity of Spears, and reduces the severity of mental health. Even if there is only a joke that is meant to take us out of bed on Monday morning, it is not okay that this stimulus would come at the expense of someone who could die. Back in 2008, Associated Press drafted the advance notice of the Spears, and later in court, her father described her breakdown as “a battle for life and death.” We know that anxiety and depression can t be fatal without intervention and timely treatment – so why do people with Spears spies previously like a rough patch best, and worst joke?

While the discourse on mental health has certainly progressed over the last decade, words have been left hidden without meaningful action. I admit Spears from normalizing normal practice, making the decision to resort to the public and its people. It is a sign of its strength and flexibility that it can recognize its own boundaries. This is a sign of his privilege – she has resources that allow her choice, which many of us do not have due to the prevalence of transient employment. But I'm not crazy that Spears is getting the help she needs; in fact, I am delighted that she is doing so in public.

If we are serious about creating a culture where we can prioritize psychological health, we must address the deficiencies in our systems and institutions. We must eliminate the toxic ideology, capitalization giving value and productivity results to our health and our happiness. But none of this can happen that, at a societal level, we really believe that mental health is not a linear point of view and that it is not a shame to seek treatment. Famous people are like people, and when they are open about their difficulties, our responsibility is to treat the kind of empathy and empathy that we give to our own relatives.

Six years ago, Spears told us that we succeed “work, bitch,” and I think it's time for us to take advice – but not for Maserati or Bugatti. Instead, we must start working towards eradication, normalization and further support for our mental well-being.


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