Britons cut wood for heating, chainsaw sales soar, pubs light candles to save electricity “back to the 18th century” | Blog Post

Rising energy prices in the UK are forcing some struggling Brits to explore new ways to keep warm.

The British “Daily Mail” reported that Britons bought more than 35,000 ovens between April and June, and that sales increased by 40% from 25,000 in the same period last year. The stoves, which cost between £300 and £4,000, are mainly used to burn wood for heat.

Related reports from the British “Daily Mail”. Screenshot from the official Daily Mail website.

Home heating costs in the UK account for the majority of household energy bills this winter, and a surge in stove sales is a sign that consumers are taking action to deal with rising energy prices, the Stove Industry Federation says.

At the same time, the demand for chain saws continues to rise. Retail giant Toolstation, which has more than 500 stores in the UK, revealed that sales of chainsaws have jumped by a third in recent weeks, which the company suspects is mainly due to people’s need used to cut logs and lumber, slowing down the economy due to energy bills, pressure.

Faced with a large number of Britons burning wood to keep warm, Gary Fuller, senior lecturer in the Department of Public Health at Imperial College London, believes it is important to help the disadvantaged to keep warm in winter, but burning wood is not the answer, especially Burning wood causes more air pollution than cars.

As well as people being forced to burn firewood, British companies are also suffering from high electricity prices. According to the British “Independent”, many companies report that energy costs are expected to increase by more than 500%, and more and more bars and restaurants in Britain are choosing to use candles instead of electric lights.

British “Guardian” related reports. Screenshot from The Guardian’s official website.

The Guardian reported that The Masons Arms bar in Cornwall, England, switched to candles from September 27. The bar’s owner, Katie, said the electricity bill last month was 2,574 pounds, compared to 1,172 pounds in the one period last year, which was more than doubled. When he saw the electricity bill, he thought of the idea of ​​using candles. “Some locals told me it should be Go back to how it looked when the bar opened in 1753 (with candles).” The pub industry has warned that thousands of pubs will face closure without government support.

Bev is a regular pub managing holiday home near The Masons Arms. He said the company had two industrial washers and two dryers, and that the bill had increased from £100 to £700 a month. Although the price is high, they know they still have the financial conditions to go to the bar to spend, and their living conditions are more fortunate than other elderly people.

British companies are experiencing significant increases in energy costs. Some companies report that energy costs have increased by more than 500% Prime Minister Zhuohuisi said that people’s livelihoods and business operations are at stake. If the government does not act, the price being very heavy.

The UK government announced on October 1 that for the next two years it will cap gas and electricity prices for household use, with businesses, charities and the public sector all coming under the upcoming Energy Meter relief scheme.

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