Britz BZ-MV5, an outdoor Bluetooth speaker with smartphone weight

[smartPC사랑=이백현 기자] The Britz BZ-MV5 Bluetooth speaker (hereafter BZ-MV5) is an ultra-lightweight Bluetooth speaker with outdoor sensibility. A smartphone weight strap is provided to increase usability, and sound quality is excellent for the price. If you’re looking for a lightweight, portable Bluetooth speaker, consider the BZ-MV5.


Bluetooth version: 5.3
Rated power: 5W
Speaker Unit: 45mm
Audio Mode: Bluetooth, Micro SD (TF)
Battery Capacity: 1,800mAh
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Play time (at medium volume): 10-11 hours
Size: 90(W) x68(D) x90(H) mm
Weight: 211g

Equipped with Bluetooth version 5.3 in an emotional retro speaker

The BZ-MV5 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that has the advantage of portability. Due to its compact size and light weight, it can be used outdoors. It weighs 211g, which is similar to a smartphone, and comes with a strap, so you can wear it on your wrist and use it on the go.

It’s an intuitive design that comes to mind when you think of ‘speaker’, and the latest technologies are applied to a minimalist appearance. Bluetooth version 5.3 is applied, and audio source playback is possible via micro SD card.

The body, strap, USB Type-C cable, and manual are provided.
At the top, there are RGB LED control buttons, volume control buttons and a power button.
Behind the rubber cover, there is a USB Type-C port for power charging and a TF slot.
IPX6 level waterproofing is fitted and a strap is provided to maximize outdoor use.

1,800mAh lithium battery and full range unit

It has a 1,800mAh battery and can play continuously for up to 11 hours (at 50% volume), and the audio unit is fitted with a 45mm full-range unit. A unit is an element of a speaker that ultimately produces sound directly, and when several units are employed, they are divided into woofers (low sound) and tweeters (high sound) to reproduce different sounds. The full range unit refers to a method of reproducing the sounds of each band with a single (1-way) unit.

A full-range unit reproduces all audio bands with one unit, so it gives a sense of unity without exaggerating low or high notes. It is characterized by a flat sound, so it is particularly suitable for quiet music such as acoustic, ballad and classical music.


Britz BZ-MV5 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that maximizes portability with a light weight of 211g and a strap. The BZ-MV5 is an attractive option if you want to buy a Bluetooth speaker with decent sound quality and portability at a price of 49,800 won.

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