Broad receivers on the roster of Saints before the Draft NFL

The wide receiver position is still under some scrutiny in New Orleans this year.

During the last season, the reception corps of the Saints was responsible for a total of 2,521 yards, a slight decrease from the 2,604 they reported for the previous year.

This was despite the fact that seven players were rostered compared to five in 2017.

However, the position is growing slightly, having received 3,562 yards in the 2016 season and 3,114 in 2015, the two seasons with five receivers.

However, the well-produced team are taking the ball from players in other positions, namely Alvin Kamara, and are expected to get more from Jared Cook, who signed this year.

At present, the Saints have eight players on the roster which are listed as broad receivers, but are expected to bring this number to at least six or five.

These are some of the people who have the saints on the roster, and are looking at some expectations.

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