“Broadcaster Jang Seong-gyu, what’s going on? … go to hospital with acute abdominal pain” – The Herald Economy

Sungkyu Jang.[연합]

[헤럴드경제=이명수 기자] Broadcaster Jang Seong-gyu is unable to host a live radio broadcast due to abdominal pain.

On the 27th, MBC radio ‘Good Morning FM I’m Jang Seong-gyu’ (‘Good Morning FM’) hosted by Jang Seong-gyu appeared with PD Jang Seung-min, who directed the program, not DJ Jang Seong- chick

PD Jang Seung-min said, “Jang Seong-gyu went to the hospital with acute abdominal pain on his way to work. Radio is not available. Today, I will be hosting a live broadcast.”

Jang Seong-gyu has been away from his seat several times during live broadcasts due to intestinal troubles. Producer Jang Seung-min, as well as panelists Kim Ga-young, weather caster, and announcer Kim Ki-hyeok, were responsible for hosting whenever they were away for a while.

Meanwhile, ‘Good Morning FM This is Jang Seong-gyu’ is broadcast every day from 7:00am to 9:00am.


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