Broadcaster Kim Gura Reveals Silhouette of Remarried Wife: Fans Intrigued by Her Mystery

Broadcaster Kim Gura unveils silhouette of remarried wife

By Reporter Sang-geun Yoon | 2023.09.12 17:14

Renowned broadcaster Kim Gura has recently shared a glimpse of his remarried wife’s silhouette. In a video uploaded on YouTube’s ‘Grigura’ channel, Kim Gura and his wife Gree provide a glimpse into their daily lives. The video captures their four-day, three-night family trip to Pocheon.

During their outing, the family visited a meat restaurant at Kim Gura’s recommendation. Unfortunately, Kim Gura’s attempt to film his mother was unsuccessful. Gree explained, “My grandmother possesses an aura that prefers not to be filmed, making it difficult for everyone to interact with her.”

Kim Gura made a brief attempt to persuade his mother to join them in the video but received no response. Interestingly, the camera briefly captured the back view of both Kim Gura’s mother and his wife, who were seated at a distance. While his wife’s face remained undisclosed, her slender figure piqued curiosity.

Kim Gura tied the knot with his wife, who is 12 years his junior, in 2020. The couple welcomed a daughter in 2021.

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Reporter Sang-geun Yoon | 2023.09.12 17:14

/Photo=YouTube ‘Grigura’/Photo=YouTube ‘Grigura’
Broadcaster Kim Gura revealed the silhouette of his remarried wife.

On the 8th, Kim Gura and Gree uploaded a video of their visit to a restaurant through YouTube ‘Grigura’ and revealed their daily lives. In the video, they went on a family trip to Pocheon for 4 days and 3 nights.

The family went to a meat restaurant on Kim Gura’s recommendation. While Kim Gu-ra failed to film his mother, Gree said, “Not everyone can talk to my grandmother because she has an aura that doesn’t want to be filmed.”

After that, Kim Gura asked, “Mom, do you want to come out here for a moment?”, but her mother did not respond.

At that moment, the back of Kim Gura’s mother and Kim Gura’s wife, who were sitting away from him, were also briefly revealed.

The face of Kim Gura’s wife, who was wearing a sleeveless black suit, was kept private, but her slim figure was visible, adding to the curiosity.

Kim Gura remarried his wife, who is 12 years younger than him, in 2020 and gave birth to a daughter in 2021.

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