Broadcaster Kim Mi-hwa sued for defamation of ex-husband

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The fact that broadcaster Mi-hwa Kim sued her ex-husband A for defamation became known late.

Kim Mi-hwa filed a criminal complaint against her ex-husband A in May last year. “A” appeared on a YouTube channel last year and claimed, “I had an abortion after having an affair with my current husband, whom I met while in college 30 years ago.”

In this regard, Mi-hwa Kim said in a phone call with Maeil Business Star Today on the 17th, “After (ex-husband’s) YouTube broadcast in April last year, in May, criminal and civil lawsuits were filed for defamation. A civil lawsuit is currently pending, and a criminal case was prosecuted around the winter of last year and transferred to the prosecution. Tomorrow (18th) at the Eastern District Court, I will seek prosecution.”

Kim Mi-hwa said, “For me, my life is an important cause of denial, so after a family meeting, I had the courage to file a complaint.” “Even if I’m dead and gone, it’s not about the stories floating around the internet for my kids for the rest of my life, I’ve chosen a painful path because I thought the I should leave one thing about facts.”

He added, “It is a case that has already been convicted and prosecuted. I am waiting to see what kind of punishment will come out in the first trial.” He said, “How painful it would be (not being able to get over it just as a rumour). As a wife of a family, I ask you to consider the pain you experience as a mother.”

According to a Yonhap News TV report, it was reported that Mr. A’s side presented a rebuttal opinion, saying that his child cannot have a vasectomy at the time. In addition to the prosecution’s indictment, the court is reviewing additional data from Kim Mi-hwa and Mr.

Kim Mi-hwa is in the third court battle with A after divorce and civil lawsuits.

Mi-hwa Kim and her ex-husband A divorced in January 2005 after 18 years of marriage. Kim Mi-hwa filed for divorce, claiming that Mr. A repeatedly assaulted her, which Mr. A refuted that was not true. In the end, both sides withdrew the criminal case after court mediation and divorced.

After that, in the winter of 2018, Mr. A filed a lawsuit for alimony of 130 million won, saying that Mi-hwa Kim violated the contents of the mediation protocol at the time of divorce. She also claimed that Mi-hwa Kim violated the right to interview her two daughters and prevented them from seeing each other for 14 years. Kim Mi-hwa also filed a counter-suit, but both sides were dismissed on the grounds that it did not fall under defamation.

After a divorce, Kim Mi-hwa married Professor Yoon Seung-ho in 2007 and started a family. The couple appeared together on television several times to reveal their remarried life.

Kim Mi-hwa said in a broadcast in 2020, “My two daughters are now 28 and 25. After studying abroad, she helps us.” “I had two children on my husband’s side and two children on my side. four in all.

don’t fight each other There is an age difference and there is no argument. They understand each other very well.”

Meanwhile, Mi-Hwa Kim’s term as CEO of the Ansan Cultural Foundation, who drew attention two years ago with unprecedented hiring, will end at the end of this month.

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