Broadcasting / distribution decision announcement of the 2022-23 B.LEAGUE season | Official website of B.LEAGUE (B League)

Japan Professional Basketball League Public Interest Incorporated (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Shinji Shimada, hereinafter “B.LEGUE”) broadcasts and distributes game broadcasts and support programs in the B.LEAGUE 2022 season -23. We will inform you that the decision has been made.
B.LEAGUE will continue to strive to expand exposure so that more people can see it, in order to convey the appeal of basketball.

■ 2022-23 Season Game Broadcast/Distribution

■ Support program broadcast/distribution

program name Broadcaster/Distributor Date and time of broadcast performer
Returns Special Edition
Basket LIVE
(the internet)
First time 9/26
Each 5 times (planned)
Maya Imai
Tamura Yu (Kirin)
June Soejima
other guests
sports navigation
(the internet)
every Tuesday
Sasara Sekine
Nekketsu Basketball
* The program website will be updated later.
NHK BS1 every Monday
MC: Yumeno Shirato

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