‘Broker’ Hirokazu Koreeda “I am delighted to receive Song Kang-ho’s award! I’m a little sorry that I didn’t get it as a Korean-directed movie”

On May 31st (Tuesday) at 2 PM, a press conference and press conference for the movie ‘Broker’ were held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall. Director Hirokazu Kore-eda, Kang-ho Song, Dong-won Kang, Ji-eun Lee, and Joo-young Lee attended the event and talked about the movie.

Director Hirokazu Koreeda greeted the Korean audience, saying, “I came back yesterday and my excitement hasn’t subsided. I think I got the best gift for the movie. I’m happy to be here with the actors.”

When asked how he directed and digested Korean lines with Korean actors as a Japanese director who can’t speak Korean, director Hirokazu Koreeda said, “The actors must have felt anxious because they didn’t know Korean, but I tried to communicate as much as possible to resolve that part. Before filming, I tried to communicate as much as possible. I tried to communicate through letters, exchange opinions during filming, and communicate densely. Song Kang-ho carefully checked the edits in the middle of filming and gave feedback on nuances, so I worked with confidence in that part. I was able to overcome my anxiety because I gave it to him.” He said, “I personally put a lot of effort to communicate with the actors, but Song Kang-ho also said that he put a lot of effort for the director and the work.

When asked if there were any special episodes during the filming, he said, “The filming went smoothly enough that only pleasant memories remained. The production team and staff must have suffered because there was no CG or compositing. The scene of conversations on the train from Gangneung to Seoul. “It was very difficult to match the timing of entering and exiting the tunnel when filming. The actors and staff had a hard time measuring the time with a stopwatch to match the lines entering and exiting the tunnel.” said

Director Hirokazu Koreeda, who made a movie about a baby box, said, “Both Korea and Japan, they have a big point in common: to save children’s lives and not to isolate their mothers from society. The number of children entrusted to Korea rather than the number of children entrusted to them in Japan is I found out that the number of children is overwhelmingly large. In the process of researching the data, we covered extensively about the law and welfare situation, and the process helped a lot to make a story.” talked

Then, he divided the viewing point of the movie into two parts and explained it. First of all, “To explain the story structure of the movie, at first, Soyoung puts the child in front of the baby box and Sujin holds the child with negative thoughts and talks. is the core of it,” he said.

He continued, “At first, I thought of a small box (with children). Then, I thought that the vehicle the brokers are riding in is another box, and the police car following them is also another box. Finally, I thought of society as a big one. I thought of it as a box. With one life, a small box gradually moved to a larger one, and in the process, I thought of a child receiving a blessing.”

At the end of the movie, there is a scene where actor Lee Ji-eun says “It was good to be born” to all the cast members. It is also the most direct comforting scene in the movie, and director Hirokazu Koreeda said, “When I met the nursery school officials while doing the coverage for the preparation of the movie, many of them were living with the question, “Is it good that I was born?” I wondered if it was only the mother, or if the society or adults had no responsibility. So I made Soyoung say, “It was a good thing I was born.” I made it.” He explained the reason for directing the scene.

When asked why he made this work with Korean actors in Korea, he said, “There is no big difference between Korea and Japan in making a movie. There were many Korean actors I wanted to work with.”

He continued, “I think this is a universal topic. I wonder where life is without value. In an era that values ​​efficiency, I think it is a topic that is universally transmitted to all countries beyond cultural differences. Strict criticism seems to have been directed towards my mother all the time. I made it because I wanted to deal more deeply with what the essential problem is and who is really responsible.” emphasized the tone.

Director Hirokazu Koreeda said, “I didn’t start this work out of interest in the Korean situation. When I was filming ‘That’s How I Became a Father’, while I was covering the film for the film, I researched adoption and adoptive parents in Japan. It was the opportunity to find out that there is a facility called , and to find out that there is a similar facility in Korea. After that, I found out that statistically, 10 times more children are left in baby boxes in Korea than in Japan.” said that he did

However, he said that it was because of one image that he decided to start this work, “Song Kang-ho is holding a child in a baby box and talking to him with a kind smile, but a god who sells the child came to mind. The image of Song Kang-ho where good and evil coexist It was the beginning of this film. Interest in Korean society was not the beginning, but the image of Song Kang-ho was the starting point of this film.”

Director Hirokazu Kore-eda said about Song Kang-ho’s award for Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival, “This is the second time an actor has received an award for a work I have directed. I was the happiest and most delighted. The Japanese officials also said that I looked more happy than usual. I felt so much joy that I wondered if I could be truly happy at the party after the awards ceremony. It was the first time I had an experience like this. It is like the achievements achieved in the past. They wondered if Song Kang-ho had not yet received the award. It was enough to have won awards in the works of Bong Joon-ho, Lee Chang-dong, and Park Chan-wook, but I am a little sorry that he received the award in my own film. For this reason, it is also the happiest award.” He sincerely congratulated Song Kang-ho on winning the award.

The movie ‘Broker’, which depicts the unexpected and special journey of those who have a relationship over the baby box, is scheduled to be released on June 8.

Kim Kyung-hee

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