‘Broker’ Song Kang-ho “I want to feel this feeling slowly, metallurgically, for Best Actor at Cannes”

On May 31st (Tuesday) at 2 PM, a press conference and press conference for the movie ‘Broker’ were held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall. Director Hirokazu Kore-eda, Kang-ho Song, Dong-won Kang, Ji-eun Lee, and Joo-young Lee attended the event and talked about the movie.

Song Kang-ho said, “I greet you for the first time at the theater since ‘Parasite’ in 3 years. I am very happy. The audience and actors have both been waiting for this day to come, but I am happy that the day has come when I can introduce my work and talk about the movie.” He expressed his feelings about the release of the film.

Song Kang-ho, who won the Best Actor Award at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival, said, “The Cannes Film Festival gives so few awards (only 7 out of 21 films are awarded), so the odds are very low. If you win an award in any category, you will attend the awards ceremony. He called me to do it, but I was very nervous until then, and when I got the call, I felt at ease. I wasn’t nervous in the theater and waiting until 12:00 was the most blood-drying time.” did. He said, “When I was called, I panicked instantly. Prior to feeling happy, there was a panic state for a few seconds whether this was a dream or real life. Even now, I can’t reproduce that time well,” he said.

Regarding the reaction of those around him after the award was confirmed, he said, “First of all, director Bong Joon-ho in London and director Kim Ji-woon of Korea sent a text message. They were watching it on YouTube at dawn. Since then, many people have texted me and congratulated me. I don’t know.” and said, “I want to feel this feeling slowly, metallurgically.”

In the beginning, when a lot of questions about the director were focused, Song Kang-ho also had the opportunity to throw witty remarks, saying, “It was a pity that the makeup that I put so much effort into after a long time seemed to be erased.”

Song Kang-ho said, “I had a prejudice against Kore-eda’s work. I thought that it showed a cold reality and ended with a humanism. The first scene of this movie was rather warm. He first planted the image of the preciousness of a baby and started the story. There is warm humor, and towards the end, he draws a colder reality. It made me think. I think it is a beautiful story that can be shared by everyone regardless of nationality, as the work was designed so that the way of dealing with life and solving it can be deeply accepted by the heart.” expressed his feelings about

He continued, “Director Kore-eda doesn’t know the strange nuances of Korean or the details of how to pronounce words and sentences. That’s inevitable. He wants you to talk a lot from the time you read. If it didn’t work, I asked if I could read the edited version and talk about it, and he said he was hoping and waiting, so he helped the director on set. If there were any nuances or words that could be received differently, he gave advice. The director explained the part that Song Kang-ho helped a lot.

Song Kang-ho, who has acted together with Kang Dong-won for a long time, said, “Unlike his appearance, Kang Dong-won has a fresh and pure side. He is an actor who always strives and concentrates as an actor. I think he is an actor who can do great acting and works in the future. It’s a relationship that has reached the point of communication.” He talked about Kang Dong-won.

Song Kang-ho said, “I heard that Japanese audiences are very interested because it is a work directed by a Japanese director. We are also planning a Japanese promotion,” he said. He said, “I think that everyone will like this film and have high expectations because it is about the nobleness of human emotions and life, leaving the country.”

The movie ‘Broker’, which depicts the unexpected and special journey of those who have a relationship over the baby box, is scheduled to be released on June 8.

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