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‘Bronze Medalist in Judo’ Ahn Chang-rim, Kyoto City’s ‘Best Sports Honor Award’

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(Export News Reporter Kim Jung-hyun) Ahn Chang-rim (27, KH Group), a bronze medalist at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, receives the ‘Kyoto City Sports Best Honor Award’ from her hometown Kyoto, Japan.

According to Yonhap News, the city of Kyoto announced on the 20th that it would award prizes to athletes from Kyoto who played in the Tokyo Olympics, and announced the list of winners. The list of winners includes many players who represented Japan, including Ahn Chang-rim.

Ahn Chang-rim won the bronze medal in the men’s 73 kg class in judo held at Budokan, Japan on July 26. From the round of 32, he continued to play in extra time, and he tried to advance to the final by playing extra-time for all four matches until the semi-finals, but he was defeated by a foul in the semi-finals. He won the bronze medal in the bronze medal match by knocking out Rustam Oruzov (Azerbaijan) for half.

In addition to Chang-rim Ahn, six other people included karate 75kg bronze medalist Ryutaro Araga, men’s fencing team epee team gold medalist Satoru Uyama, baseball gold medalist Yudai Ono, men’s athletics men’s racewalking 20km bronze medalist Toshikatsu Yamanishi, and women’s 57kg judo bronze medalist Tsukasa Yoshida. get a prize

Ahn Chang-rim was born and raised in Kyoto, but did not give up his Korean citizenship despite the Japanese judo offer of naturalization. He moved to South Korea in 2014 and was disappointed by being eliminated in the round of 16 early at the 2016 Rio Olympics, but won a silver medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang.

photo = Yonhap News

Reporter Kim Jung-hyun [email protected]


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