Home Business BROOK recorded losses from digital assets. The first half of the year 369 million baht.

BROOK recorded losses from digital assets. The first half of the year 369 million baht.

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The Brooker Group recorded a loss on the decline in digital asset inventories. In the income statement for the first 6 months of this year in the amount of 369.52 million baht, while the overall operating results in the half-year net loss of 85.46 million baht.

Reporters reported that The Brooker Group Public Company Limited (BROOK) has disclosed the results of the second quarter of 2003. As of June 30, 2021, the Company’s balance sheet has ‘Digital asset inventories’ amounting to 760.66 million baht, which makes the company Record loss from decreased inventories value. In the income statement for the first 6 months, 369.52 million baht from the money invested in buying digital assets 1,143.70 million baht
(There is another loss from currency conversion 13.52 million baht.)

Summary of the 6-month period of 2021, the Company had a net loss of 85.46 million baht, increasing from a net loss of 38.58 million baht in the same period last year. or loss per share 0.01 baht

Although the total income for this period has increased by 372% to 403.74 million baht, but the total expenses have increased accordingly. Especially from the company’s report showing information. Loss from digital asset inventories 369.52 million baht
The highest of all expenses at 458.65 million baht

In addition to the 2nd quarter financial statement, BROOK also announced the interim dividend payment of 0.015 baht per share, up XD on August 27, 2021.

BROOK has reiterated the risks of the volatile digital asset market. and recommended that the shareholders of the Company and those who may invest in the company Please be careful with the risks and volatility that may occur with the company’s shares. In addition, investments in digital assets are in dollars. The Group therefore has higher exchange rate risk as well.

In addition, the loss in accounting from holding bitcoins as the market expected Because after BROOK bought bitcoin in the first quarter The market is quite good. Later in May, it was a period when bitcoin regained its footing. There are also accounting losses for both Tesla and Microstrategy.


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