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Brother Darden’s, TBS TV Movie Collection

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This film was directed by the Darden brothers, who won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival twice. In 2014, she was nominated for Best Actress at the 87th Academy Awards for her work, and her lead role was Marion Cottier.

Korean release title <내일을 위한 시간>Has two meanings:’tomorrow’ and’my job’.

The movie begins in earnest with a phone call to notify Sandra (Marion Cottier) who is about to reinstate her job. The sudden notice of dismissal was the result of her co-workers choosing a bonus to Sandra’s reinstatement and the boss’s offer to choose between a bonus. Voting and unilateral notification of dismissal without the person’s knowledge. The president reluctantly decides to vote again when there is a report that the vote was not fair.

As you can see from the original title of this film,’Two Days, One Night’, the time given until the re-voting is only two days on the weekend. Wanting to get her job back, Sandra convinces her colleagues over the weekend. Will Sandra be able to safely return to work?

A movie that makes people think about the values ​​of’we’ and’solidarity’ in front of the cruelty of capitalism, where the weak attack the weak. <내일을 위한 시간>Can be watched through TBS TV and YouTube channel at 11 pm today (Fri).

TBS TV can be viewed on IPTV (KT 214, SK 167, LG 245) or cable TV (TBS homepage or local cable broadcasting inquiries).

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