Brother For Nathu’s Attention: Nattu Visesham

Structure: Conducted the 15th Shraddha of Natus for the Servant of God. St. John the Baptist Church and St. John’s Hospital Semi. The incident took place at his grave in Theri.

Today is St. George’s Church in St. George’s Church. In Kanjirapally, the Rev. Fr. Bobby Alex offered that glorious Divine Sacrifice on the Plaque. Special prayers were also offered at the cemetery.

Construction Forona Vicar Fr. In Vil Fichen The Violence, A.C. Vicar Fr. Alvin Carlos Skiran Chira, Fr. Sunil Cheru Sherry, Brothers of St. John of God Superior Brother Joe In Nini Pullani Thundathi, Brother Anthony Paul Mattam, Post Letter Fr. Francis Manna Paranpil, Sisters of St. John of God Church Superior General Sisters Mercy Thomas and Sister Lily Gave credit to the debtors.


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