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Bangalore: Two people have been arrested in connection with the death of Kannada actor and YouTuber Satheesh Vajra (36) at his home in Satheesh Vajra. Police arrested his brother-in-law Sudarshan and others. Satheesh was found stabbed to death on Saturday morning at his home in Pattanagere, RR Nagar, Bengaluru. The neighbor who first saw the body informed the landlord. The house was opened after the police arrived.

Satheesh had deep wounds on his stomach and neck. Satheesh hails from Mandya Maddoor and got married four years ago. I have a child. His wife died seven months ago. It was rumored to be a suicide. Police said his wife’s family had alleged that he had died because he had not been treated on time.

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After the death of his wife, the child was taken care of by their family. Satheesh used to visit his wife’s house often to see the child. Legal action was also taken to recover the child. Police said a dispute over the matter led to the murder.

On Saturday, his wife’s younger brother Sudarshan rushed to Satheesh’s house with his friend Nagendra for help. He was then stabbed to death with a knife, police said. Satheesh, who has acted in a few films including ‘Lagori’, also ran a celebrity salon that includes movie stars.

English Summary: Two including Brother in Law arrested in Kannada film actor Satheesh Vajra’s murder case. Actor was stabbed to death at his residence in RR Nagar police station limits in the city on saturday. He was also running a salon and some of his customers were film actors. Satheesh’s wife had died recently reportedly by suicide. Police suspect that his murder could be in connection with his wife’s death.

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