Brother reveals why Michael Poupart shot himself

Morning news, 7 colors – The tragic incident that Michael Poupart died in his bedroom a few days ago yesterday (Jan. 17), Mr. Michael’s brother came to pick up his brother’s body. to be used for religious ceremonies While waiting to receive the body, he opened his mind about what had happened. and believes that the cause of his brother’s short thinking It came from an argument with a girlfriend who lives in other provinces.

Mr. Supakorn Wasnarungkit or Aom, the younger brother of Mr. Michelle Chairote Poupart or Michael Poupart, a 52-year-old former actor, contacted to obtain his brother’s body at the Institute of Forensic Medicine. police hospital to be used for religious ceremonies

While waiting to receive his brother’s body, Mr. Supakorn opened up about all the things that had happened. It was expected that the elder brother would have died after midnight. because of going to bed at that time and found an abnormality again in the morning After the elder brother did not come down to eat normally In the room, he saw only his brother lying still. He still had a firearm in his hand. At that time, I was shocked and very sad. In the past, my brother had been suffering from depression. is undergoing treatment for a short time causing his brother to rarely leave the house As for firearms, he admitted that he did not know whose gun it was. because there is no gun at home and had never seen such a gun before.

Personally, I’m not interested in the cause of death. I didn’t think anyone else would shoot my brother. As for the cause that is believed to be the cause of his brother’s death. Probably related to the quarrel with his girlfriend. who have been in a relationship for more than 20 years, who live in the provinces because he had seen his brother discuss this matter with his mother

The family will hold a funeral service for Michael at the Sakorn Sun Prachasan Temple for three nights before the funeral.

Mr Oliver Poupart, his brother, has revealed that The passing of Mr. Michael caused a lot of condolences to the family. By allowing the mother to be a caregiver for 3-4 months, having seen a doctor and treating depression, which Mr. Michael used to talk to him like an order. If he died, go to the funeral for just one day. It doesn’t require much ceremony. I didn’t think there was going to be a tragedy.

As for the legal proceedings, Police Colonel Pornthawee Somwong, the Superintendent of Chokchai Police Station, said that from questioning the families of the deceased The cause of death was not identified. The firearm was found at the scene. It is a .22 caliber carbine. Still in the process of reviewing who this gun belongs to. and is it legally registered?



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