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We are pleased to inform you that the loan transfer period for Bruno Mendes, who had been transferred from Deportivo Maldonado (Uruguay) for a limited time, has been decided.

FW27 Bruno Mendes player

■ Date of birth
August 2, 1994 (27 years old)
■ Height / weight
■ Career
Guarani FC (Brazil) ⇒ Makae EFC (Brazil) ⇒ Loan FC (Brazil) * Loan transfer ⇒ Deportivo Mardonado (Uruguay) ⇒ Atletico Paranaense (Brazil) * Loan transfer Avai FC (Brazil) * Loan transfer ⇒ Vitoria SC ( (Portugal) * Loan transfer ⇒ Guarani FC (Brazil) * Loan transfer ⇒ Celeso Osaka * Loan transfer ⇒ Abysspa Fukuoka * Loan transfer

■ J League participation record

year team league league League cup Emperor’s Cup
Appearance score Appearance score Appearance score
2019 Cerezo Osaka J1 24
2020 Cerezo Osaka J1 24
2021 Avispa Fukuoka J1 19
count 67 19 10

[Comment from Bruno Mendes]
Thank you to everyone involved in Avispa Fukuoka and to all the team staff who put their trust in my play this year.

I am proud to leave this club as I am able to reach the club’s goal of staying in J1 and being in 10th place.
Regarding the ranking, I went up to 8th place and finished the league match. And I was able to end the five-year cycle that I couldn’t do until now.

Being able to contribute to the team towards the goal of ending the five-year cycle. And I am very happy to be able to engrave my name in the history of Avispa.

In addition, I am very grateful to all the supporters who have always supported me from the beginning of joining to the end of the season.
Your kindness will definitely remain in my heart forever.
Thank you thank you! !! Let’s meet again! !! !!


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