Bruno stands at number one!

Manchester United’s only draw against Newcastle was the game they lost the most in a league game this season, with Bruno Fernandes being the one to fail. That’s the most.

Manchester United conceded 167 times in their 1-1 draw with Newcastle United on Monday, December 27, making it the English Premier League game of the season. where they lost the most balls

The match was a game in which Manchester United played below the standard compared to their previous performances under Ralph Rangnick, where the German coach criticized the team hard enough in the latter part. game

Manchester United’s player with the most possession losses against Newcastle was Bruno Fernandes with 26, with Marcus Rashford coming in second. Of 20 times, third place goes to Diogo Dalot, who has done 19 times, while Cristiano Ronaldo, the famous football player of the team. Made that mistake 9 times together.

Top 10 Manchester United players with the most goals against Newcastle
1. Bruno Fernandes 26 times
2. Marcus Rashford 20 times
3. Diogo Dalot 19 times
4. Jadon Sancho 14 times
5. Scott McTominay 13 times
6. Alex Tellis 12 times
7. Harry Maguire 11 times
– Raphael Varane 11 times
9. Fred 10 times
10. Cristiano Ronaldo 9 times

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