Brutal bride claims to have been organized, lost more than 3 hundred thousand, claiming the name of a famous make-up artist

On September 20, 2022, it was reported that the online world shared the story of a famous salad seller who posted a warning. claiming to have arranged for the wedding Lost about 3 hundred thousand baht, saying he had ordered a wedding package And deposited in May 2021 there was an agreement on the location of the event. details Including the names of famous makeup artists such as “Nong Chat”

During that time, the organization has withdrawn funds several times. But in the end, when the day of the event came, it was not as agreed, like the stage, the Chinese table, the make-up artist, causing the friends The bride and groom must help organize the event their themselves. by going to borrow tools from different places to get the job done

However, the bride revealed a clip talking to the organizer. By the way, the victim has asked for compensation of 3 hundred thousand, and he paid almost 4 hundred thousand, and the only thing that can heal is to marry again. But in reality, the event is no longer possible. or have to pay for the whole 3 hundred thousand, which does not include the donation The organizer agreed to ask the victim to delete the post. and ask for sympathy

But the victim said All the work can be done because friends help. And the work has already failed, already upset, ask the other party not to discuss and ask for the consequences of your actions.

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