Brutal knight beats the head and kills a girl type 2 steals the water Relatives of the victims resentment lynched!

from the shock The body of an unknown woman was found. Breast augmentation and sex change, about 20-30 years old, long hair, thin and tall Floating slowly in the 2nd water canal near the gold market, Moo 1, Khlong Song Sub-District, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province In his pants pocket he found a Mazda car key chain. He has been dead for at least 12 hours and is expected to be tricked and killed. The body was found in the afternoon, 23 November.

Progress in the investigation room, Khlong Luang Police Station, Pathum Thani Province, at 9:00 am on 24 November, Pol Sukkhana, Senator of the House of Representatives, called a meeting of the investigation team of Khlong Luang Police Station to solve the case after learning that the deceased was Mr Piyada or Kor Ya Sorakul, aged 29, house number 47, Soi Kudi Chin, Wat Kanlapaya Subdistrict, Khet District Thonburi, Bangkok Autopsy results showed 3 severe head wounds, severely beaten solid objects, focus on murder, robbery and personal conflict. Among the missing property was an iPhone and a Chanel necklace.

Questioned a friend of the deceased, giving information that Mr Piyada or Ko Ya was driving a white sedan Mazda 2, registration number 5, 5373, Bangkok. Came to park and left before disappearing since 11:00 pm on the night of November 22 from Lumpini Park area, Bangkok, until he learned that his friend had been killed in a canal in Pathum Thani province, while his family gave information to the police station Khlong Luang and asked for the body at the Institute of Forensic Science. Thammasat University Hospital Transported to religious charities later, at 12:00 noon, the Khlong Luang Police Station investigative team caught the criminal, Mr Yuthapol or Arm Piyawittayakan, 36 years old, at house number 288/74, Sai Sub-District and District May, Bangkok. At the guesthouse in Bangsaen Beach area, Sansuk Sub-District, Mueang Chonburi District

At 2:45 pm, the Khlong Luang Police Station investigative team took Mr. Yutthaphon The killer who killed Mr. Piyada, a little girl, the police station to question face to face. Pol Maj Gen. Peerapong Wongsamarn, deputy chief of Provincial Police Region 1, Pol. Pol.Colonel Kiattisak Mitprasat, Superintendent of Khlong Luang Police Station Officers from the investigation team, Khlong Luang Police Station and Pathum Thani Police Station are waiting in the meeting room on the 3rd floor, Khlong Luang Police Station, as soon as the police the criminal out of the car. A group of relatives and friends of the deceased were in a very angry mood. swarmed into the lynching until a skirmish broke out The police, in uniform and in plain clothes, had to evacuate the criminals and lead them chaotically to the meeting room on the third floor.

While investigating, Mr. Yuttapol that Biker’s career Provide food and general services 2 days before intending to rob a little girl who sells services in the Lumpini Park area. Because I used to use the service of two girls, one of them for 1,000 baht, but that day she didn’t have a chance, so I didn’t steal. while circling back to send two pairs of women to the same place He saw the deceased driving to a bisexual friend in the area changed the goal thinking that the deceased should get money because he had a car On the night of the incident at 9:00 pm , he drove his mother’s gray Honda City sedan, license plate 490, Bangkok. Left home in Sai Mai area Went to Lumphini Park Found a group of dead and friends standing Call the deceased to talk and ask if he accepts work abroad or not, gives him 5,000 baht, the deceased says no. He pretended to drive to buy things and then came back again. The deceased was found standing alone. demand for the back seat Agree on a price of 1,000 baht, then transfer money to the deceased’s account. and having the deceased masturbate through the mouth while driving before coming around to deliver the deceased to the same place and driving away

After a while, the car came back to call the deceased into the car. When he came up, he pressed the deceased’s head against the pillow. Used a knife to force and threatened to take money but the deceased refused. He was furious, hitting his head with a hammer once. The deceased said he only had 1,400 baht in his account and agreed to transfer that amount to his account. During that time, fearing that the deceased would inform the police, he struck the hammer once more, the deceased died and he understood that he was dead. driving around looking for a place to leave because he used to run food delivery jobs around Khlong Ha intended to dump the body, but there were many people He returned to the bridge over the canal at the mouth of Soi Bongkot 40, Khlong Song Subdistrict , Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province, supporting the deceased from the car. The deceased was found breathing heavily. Scared to recover, he used a chain around his neck attached to a dumbbell. and then catch it and throw it into the water alive with a mobile phone, iPhone 13 Pro Max, then drive home to change into a car A motorcyclist rides off to open a room for rent on Bang Saen Beach Until getting was chased by the police to arrest It was confirmed that the deceased only received 400 baht because his own money was transferred to the service fee of 1,000 baht included.

The Maj Gen revealed. Peerapong Wongsamarn, deputy commissioner of District 1, that the accused initially admitted it. Let the deceased hand over money But the deceased did not hand over, so he used a hammer to hit the occiput 1 time until the deceased agreed to hand over 1,400 baht, while the deceased raised his head. The villain used a hammer on the side of the nail to hit the temple once more, resulting in 2 wounds on the aforementioned point. But when it was proven that it wasn’t. The offender then drove the deceased’s body to Leab Klong Song Road. At the entrance of Soi Bongkot 40, just 500 meters north of where the body was found, before chains and dumbbells were used to strangle the neck and throw the body into the canal. Before driving the sedan home to Sai Mai area Use a cloth to wipe the blood stains in the car and ride a motorbike out of the house to Chonburi province until you are arrested.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police Station 1 further said that the accused only admitted to committing robbery. no intention to kill Please apologize to the relatives of the deceased. and he asked to be paid for his karma in prison The reason why he had to injure the deceased by using a hammer several times since Lumpini Park. Before the body was dropped and fled. in case the deceased reported to the police until he was arrested Initially, he was accused of Mr. Yuthaphon, including murdering others by acts of cruelty, robbery at night with weapons to cause death to others, hiding, moving or destroying bodies or parts of bodies to conceal their birth, death, or cause of death. Take it to the investigating officer, Khlong Luang Police Station, to take further legal action.

Later, at 5:30 pm, Por Teck Tung Foundation volunteers with diving equipment traveled to the bridge over the canal at the mouth of Soi Bongkot 40, Klong Song Sub-District, Klong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province to find great evidence that the attacker admitted using a chain tied with a dumbbell to the body’s neck. before dropping into the canal with a mobile phone Rescuers spent about 15 minutes looking for all the objects. It is 1 dumbbell weighing 5 kg, 1 steel chain, 1 iPhone 13 Pro Max mobile phone and 1 3Kings necklace, delivered to the police of Khlong Luang Police Station for use in the case.

When asked, the rescuers said not to enter the canal The bottom is still water, a little flowing, the bottom of the canal is muddy soil. From predictions, the villain’s intention was to use chains and dumbbells to drown the body. But without tying anything tightly. just hanging around your neck can make it fall out on its own When the body is in the water for a period of time, it will start to become sluggish and float. Causing the body to fall off the chain and dumbbell and float to the surface until finally seen.

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