“Brutal retaliatory murder, permanently quarantined” … Severe punishment one after another


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Lee Seok-jun, who murdered the mother of a woman subject to personal protection, was sentenced to life in prison.

The courts have issued harsher punishments for retaliatory killings against women.

Correspondent Jeong-bin Jeong.

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In December of last year, 25-year-old Lee Seok-jun was questioned by the police on charges of sexually assaulting a woman while imprisoned in Daegu, but was released because he did not meet the requirements for arrest.

At that time, it was the woman’s family who reported Lee Seok-jun, and Lee Seok-jun found out the address through the Heungshinso.

Pretending to be a delivery driver, he went to his house and wielded a weapon at the woman’s family, killing his mother and leaving his younger brother in elementary school in critical condition.

The court sentenced Lee Seok-joon to life in prison, saying, “Separate him from society forever.”

He pleaded guilty to all seven counts, including attempted murder, confinement, and rape, as well as retaliatory murder, which has a heavier punishment than ordinary murder.

Lee Suk-jun insisted that he did not intend to retaliate, but the judge said, “As soon as he entered, he wielded a stun gun and stabbed the family who did not resist.”

It exploded my anger,” he dismissed.

The bereaved family cried out for Lee Seok-jun to be executed.


“The children still do it every day. Our youngest son is like, ‘What will happen to the murderer? will it come out? He said, “You shouldn’t appear in society… Why?

In November of last year, Kim Byung-chan, who killed his ex-girlfriend who reported stalking, was previously sentenced to 35 years in prison.

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It was also claimed that it was an accidental crime, but the court admitted the crime of retaliatory murder, saying, “I attacked the victim to the end while begging and running away.”

Byungchan Kim, Seokjun Lee… The two victims were either a woman under police protection or her family.

The two incidents revealed the overall inadequacy of the personal protection system, and the Commissioner of the National Police Agency apologized and the system was greatly improved.

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