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Neowiz (Co-CEO Jisoo Moon, Seungcheol Kim) announced on the 17th that it has opened a teaser site for the new ‘Lies of P’ under development by Round 8 Studio.

Neowiz’s new ‘P’s Lies’ is a soul-like single-player action RPG featuring deep and tense battles. It is an adaptation of the classic ‘Pinocchio’ as an adult cruelty play, and it was released through an official trailer video in May and aroused great interest.

On the teaser site, you can check the story trailer video where you can feel the unique atmosphere of P’s lies and various game concepts.

P’s Lies will later release an in-game video through the teaser site. In the video, you can check the various actions through various weapon combinations that are characteristic of the game. Here, you can check various game concept art and in-game images through the gallery menu, including the official game logo.

Meanwhile, the round 8 studio, which developed ‘P’s Falsehood’, is hiring. We are recruiting talents in various fields such as game planning, graphics, and QA. You can use the teaser page to check job announcements and submit documents.

More details about ‘P’s Falsehood’ can be found on the teaser site and the official Steam page.

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You might shiver down your spine when you hear the word Souslike and you don’t like being beaten by Lord Glorpus, the ancient king of Metathon. These games are notorious for their difficulty, but Lies of P hopes to change that with its latest installment.

As outlined in the patch notes on Steam, the HP of some big bosses is being cut to make them easier to defeat. Fallen Archbishop Andrews, Puppet King, and Simon Manus all deserve slightly fewer hits now. In addition, the health of some monsters in the wild will also be reduced.

Additionally, for players who don’t summon allies as often, you’ll find fewer Star Shards, which means more room to upgrade materials and experience drops. Additionally, players can now increase the weight they carry by spending capacity points, meaning you no longer actively think about your weight.

Do you think these changes will be good for Lies of P?

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