BSL acne treatment experience 35 years

BSL acne treatment experience 35 years

“Acne” is a problem that many people still worry about. Regardless of gender, age, or age, this problem does not go away from the skin. BSL Clinic so don’t stop developing Technology knowledge that helps treat acne to make the skin clear and acne free again. As well as treating patients to recover from acne. We also provide happiness that patients dare to go out and live more. And from the long experience in acne treatment for more than 35 years, therefore, the understanding of acne is easy to understand. with treatment methods to meet the true cause of acne

Acne can be divided into two main types:

  1. Obstructive acne such as rice head acne, closed head acne, blackheads, open-ended acne and pimples are also in the obstructed skin group.
  2. Inflammatory acne is a pimple that is characterized by red pustules, pustules, deep red blisters. and acne, elephant head, acne cysts

What factors cause acne?

1. Internal factors

1.1 Pores It can clog frequently, like exfoliating every 28 days of the skin, leading to dead skin cells. clogging the hair follicles or producing too much fat in the skin causing a blockage

1.2 sebaceous glands This sebum gland is located in the same area as the hair follicle. The sebaceous glands are stimulated to produce too much oil. And this fat will push up to the surface area above. which is the same hole as the hair follicle can cause the skin to become blocked

Normally, the skin produces oil to nourish the already moisturized skin. But in some people it can be something. Encourage oil to produce more than needed.

1.3 Bacteria or (C.Acnes) its function is It is a fat digester that is blocked under the skin. causing the skin in that area to become infected and develop from blocked acne to inflamed acne

1.4 Hormones Often caused by hormonal changes in us. Hormones come through blood vessels. and stimulate the sebaceous glands causing inflammation on the face It is mainly found in women during the menstrual cycle.

2. External factors caused by unclean facial skin care or using products that cause clogging

Side effects that often occur after acne goes

    1. black marks, red marks caused by incomplete healing of tissues As a result, the area prone to acne can become brown, black or red. It may fade on its own in a period of 3-6 months, or in some people it may take a year.
    2. convex scar or keloid scars Caused by the skin making too much collagen. Do the area that used to have acne. It is convex and thick. In some cases, it may be accompanied by itching. This type of scar cannot heal on its own.

3. Acne scars are divided into 3 types.

3.1 Narrow mouth acne scars (Ice Pick Scars) It is an acne hole that is deep in the skin layer. But the mouth of the hole is narrow, like a shape facing mud. The hole size is less than 2 mm. This type of acne hole can go deep into the dermis layer. or in some cases it can go down to their level

3.2 Wide mouth acne holes (Rolling Scars) The mouth of the acne hole is about 4-5 mm wide. The skin will look uneven, rough, clearly visible.

3.3 Acne scars with edges (boxcar scars) It is a pimple with clear boundaries.

BSL Clinic acne treatment From the following reasons

1. Laser Acne Treatment It helps to adjust the condition of the skin and stimulate the production of new healthy skin cells to replace old skin cells. Reduce the size of the sebaceous glands to be smaller. Stimulate the filling of acne holes tighten pores smoother skin The laser is to strengthen the skin so that it will not make the skin thin.

This one heals: hair follicles, sebum glands.

2. Mild to reduce inflammation from acne. Irradiation to kill C.Acnes bacteria helps reduce skin inflammation. reduces facial oiliness Stimulates collagen production and also makes the skin more radiant too

This one gets better: Bacteria

3. balancing hormones in the body He takes medication under close medical supervision. The drugs mentioned above are not contraceptives, so it helps when the patient has taken them. It does not cause the good hormones in the body to be lost Prescribing will depend on the type of acne, severity and personal history of the patient.

By BSL Clinic chooses a combination of treatment methods. by analyzing the condition of the skin The background of the patient, case by case, in order to get treatment on point. Meet every person’s acne problem

As well as treating acne there are also options for treating skin problems after acne has disappeared.

  1. laser to reduce dark spots It is a laser to treat melanin pigment to fade. As a result, the black marks gradually disappear without making the skin thinner. it can help adjust skin tone to look more radiant
  2. red laser It is a laser treatment of blood vessels. which causes blood vessels to constrict and make the redness from acne fade faster stimulate collagen It helps make your face look pink too.
  3. acne scar laser treatment It is a laser that works to break down the fibrous tissue that tightens the acne hole under the skin. where the skin does not cause scarring no bleeding And energy also stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. and create new tissues to make the skin smoother

All this makes the patient confident. Trust in service, treatment, results BSL Clinic Based on a survey of over 98% of patients, trust and they are satisfied with the results after the treatment. Because we understand the problem of people with acne. Therefore, the treatment was done intelligently. Deep knowledge of the cause and treatment methods to match the problem BSL Clinic Always ready to develop whether the service or even a dermatologist who continues to study continuously to update trends and how to maintain skin the patient as safe as possible No matter what kind of acne problem, it ends on BSL.

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