BTS concert gathered 214,000 people in 4 days Chris Martin makes a surprise appearance

The group BTS gathered about 214,000 spectators with the concert ‘Permission to Dance on Stage – LA’ held at Sofay Stadium in Los Angeles, USA on the 27th and 28th of last month (local time) and the 1st and 2nd of this month. Big Hit Music announced on the 3rd that it appeared.

This concert drew attention as the first face-to-face concert in about two years since Jamsil Main Stadium in Seoul in October 2019.

During this four-day concert, BTS performed major hits such as ‘On’, ‘Fire’, ‘Dope’, ‘DNA’, ‘Black Swan’, ‘Butter’, and ‘Dynamite’.

In particular, as it was the first time in two years to meet fans, they excluded unit songs and concentrated on the stage of the 7-member team, receiving applause.

Big Hit Music explained, “BTS has carefully selected songs that are suitable for large-scale concert halls and want to show fans all over the world.”

On the 28th of last month, the second performance of the show, rapper Megan D. Stallion made a surprise appearance and staged a remix of ‘Butter’. On the 2nd, the last day, Coldplay’s Chris Martin appeared and sang “My Universe” with BTS.

BTS sold out all four performances and became the artist who sold the most tickets in the history of Sophie Stadium’s solo concert.

Sofai Stadium can accommodate up to about 70,000 people, but as a huge ‘T’-shaped stage was installed, BTS is said to have met 50,000 spectators per episode.

BTS also gathered 18,000 spectators through ‘Live Play in LA’, which watched the performance on a separate screen at the nearby YouTube theater, and received 581,000 spectators through online streaming on the 2nd, the last day.

The number of people who watched the concert in Sofai Stadium, YouTube theater, and online streaming totaled 813,000.

BTS will hold a concert in Seoul next March and meet domestic fans.


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