BTS led the VGI-BTGSIF team to a serious collapse, when the NACC broke “Sukhumphan-Kiri” for corruption, renewing the “Green Line” contract.

Reporters reported today (March 13, 2023) at 10:13 am, the company’s stock price BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited or BTS At the level of 6.75 baht, minus 0.80 baht or 10.60%, the highest at 6.85 baht, the lowest at 5.40 baht with a trading value of 498.54 million baht.

The company’s stock price VGI Public Company Limited or VGI At the level of 4.02 baht, minus 0.26 baht or 6.07%, the highest at 4.24 baht, the lowest at 3.98 baht with a trading value of 37.62 million baht.

price segment BTS Rail Mass Growth Infrastructure Fund or BTSGIF At the level of 3.62 baht, minus 0.08 baht or 2.16%, the highest at 3.66 baht, the lowest at 3.58 baht with a trading value of 12.85 million baht.

The stock prices of BTS, VGI and BTSGIF investment units fell today. After news reports from the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission or the NACC informed that NACC decided to report the allegations on March 10. MR. Fraudulent acts in the bus service contract and maintenance of Bangkok mass transit projects Between Krungthep Thanakom Company Limited, the employer as a Bangkok enterprise, and Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited or BTSC (under the BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited) or BTS, the contractor on 8 May 2012, a total of over 190,000 million baht.


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