BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’ tops the world music charts…

‘Butter’ concept photo of group BTS. Provided by Big Hit Music

BTS’ new song ‘Permission to Dance’ has been sweeping the top spots on music charts around the world right after its release, continuing the popularity of ‘Butter’.

According to the latest chart released by Spotify on the 10th (local time), ‘Permission to Dance’ was streamed 7,339,385 times on the 9th, the first day of its release, and entered the second place on the ‘Global Top 200’ chart. The song also topped the Spotify ‘Top 200’ chart by country and region in 13 countries and regions, including Korea, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia. It entered the 6th place on the US ‘Top 200’ chart.

The box office craze is also strong on the iTunes chart. According to the agency Big Hit Music on the 10th, ‘Permission to Dance’ topped the iTunes ‘Top Song’ chart in 92 regions including the US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Australia. It also recorded 18,232 downloads on the Japanese Oricon chart, ranking first in the daily digital single ranking on the 9th.

As of 11 am on the 11th, the music video has recorded more than 94 million views and is close to reaching 100 million views. The music video drew attention with the performance that melted the international sign language meaning ‘fun’, ‘dance’ and ‘peace’ with choreography and the appearance of the seven members dancing with the crowd.

‘Permission to Dance’ is a new song released by BTS when they released the real CD of ‘Butter’. BTS delivers a warm and positive message to everyone who has had a hard day with the lyrics, “You don’t need permission to dance”, to listen to their own ‘rhythm of the heart’ and dance freely.

BTS will be on the popular NBC TV talk show on the 14th and 15th in Korea time. (The Jimmy Fallon Show) will appear and perform ‘Permission to Dance’ and ‘Butter’.



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