BTS RM’s new song ‘Wildflowers’ tops Spotify… 3.6 million streams

BTS group RM’s ‘Wildflowers’ topped Spotify.

According to the latest chart (as of December 2nd) of ‘Daily Top Songs Global’ from Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming company, the title song ‘Wildflower Viewing (with Jo Yoo-jin)’ from RM’s solo album ‘Indigo’ had streamed 3,604,749 times on the first day of release and ranked 13. The song went to the top ranks in a number of countries/regions on the ‘Top Song of the Day’ chart by country/region.

Not only ‘Blodou Wyllt’, but all the other b-side songs of ‘Indigo’ were listed on Spotify’s ‘Daily Top Song Global’ chart.

In addition, ‘Wildflower Viewing’ came first on the iTunes ‘Top Song’ chart in 88 countries/regions on 3 December, and second on Japan’s Oricon ‘Daily Digital Single Ranking’ list (on 2 December). across the world.

“Wildflower Viewing” is a song that embodies RM’s desire to live like a quiet “wildflower” rather than a flashy but quickly fading “firework”. Cho Yujin, the vocalist of Cherry Filter, appeared in the song, and DOCSKIM participated as a producer to highlight the coolness of the song.

Baek Ah-young / Photo courtesy of Big Hit Music

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