BTS’s V Opens up About the Hardships He Faced During Group Activities

BTS’s V Opens Up About Struggles During Group Activities

In a recent interview, BTS member V candidly discussed the challenges he faced during the group’s past promotional activities. V’s remarks came on the occasion of the release of Suga’s new track ‘Schuchita’, featuring V, on BTS’s official YouTube channel.

Reflecting back on the time when they were promoting their hit track ‘Fake Love’ in 2018, V revealed, “This is the first time I’m sharing this, but it was the toughest period of my life.” It was during this period that BTS, after receiving a major award at the ‘2018 MAMA’ in December, contemplated disbanding.

V specifically mentioned the hardships he faced, stating, “During that time, I started comparing myself with the other members. I questioned if my approach was different, if I was slower or if I thought differently. Seeing my fellow members so happy and seemingly perfect on stage made me wonder, ‘Why am I like this?’ These feelings led to a relatively severe burnout.”

Despite achieving great success, including entering the Billboard charts, V confessed that all the members experienced difficulty in understanding the significance of achievements and the toll it took on their well-being. He shared a particularly taxing incident, saying, “There was a day when I was so exhausted after filming the ‘Fake Love’ music video that I considered requesting a day off from choreography practice. However, since it was a comeback period, we couldn’t afford to take a break. I was filled with negative and distressing thoughts, to the point where I even contemplated getting injured.”

Nevertheless, V expressed a desire for personal growth, stating, “I want to change the person I was back then because I had reached my limit.” He added, “Looking back, I now have no concerns or worries. Those experiences have made me mentally stronger.”

V also highlighted the dedication and hard work of BTS and their team, saying, “I can say with absolute confidence that BTS worked harder than anyone else. Our twenties were filled with passion.” If he could go back to 2018, V would advise his younger self, “It’s okay to face moments like those. Embrace them because they have shaped you into who you are today.” He also acknowledged the contributions of the staff, emphasizing their crucial role in the group’s success.

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[OSEN=유수연 기자] BTS member V talked about his concerns during his group activities in the past.

On the 11th, Suga’s ‘Schuchita’ featuring V was released via BTS’s official YouTube channel.

On this day, V recalled the time when he was promoting ‘Fake Love’ in 2018 and said, “This is the first time I’m talking about this, but it’s the hardest time in my life.” BTS also admitted in their thoughts after receiving the big award at the ‘2018 MAMA’ in December 2018 that they considered disbanding.

In response, V said, “It was around that time that we started comparing. Am I having a harder time because my tempo is different from the members, I’m slower, and I think a little differently? he did Looking at the members next to me on stage, I often think to myself, “Why am I like this when I see the members next to me so happy and good and perfect?” “So the burnout was relatively severe,” he admitted.

At the time, they were achieving good results, including entering Billboard, but V looked back and said, “All the members had a hard time thinking, ‘What are grades?’ and ‘Why do we have to think about degrees in the cost of harming ourselves?’” .

In particular, V said, “It was so hard that I thought I wanted to rest for a day. At that time, I was so tired after filming the music video for ‘Fake Love’ that I thought, ‘I only have choreography practice tomorrow, so can I rest?’ But since it was a comeback, we couldn’t rest. That’s why I can’t rest. I’m so full of negative and difficult thoughts that I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything in this state. “I was looking for a way to rest, but I couldn’t think of one, so I even thought about getting hurt,” he said, drawing attention.

“But I want to change the person I was back then. “Because I’ve reached my limit,” he said. “When I think about it now, I have absolutely no concerns or worries. “Because of those things, (actually) I’ve become very healthy,” he added.

In addition, V said, “What I can say with real confidence is that BTS worked harder than anyone else. “Our 20s were on fire,” he said. “If I could go back to 2018, I would say, ‘Taehyung, it’s okay for moments like that to come. I want to say, ‘You are who you are today because you have that side of you.’ “Not only us, but the staff worked hard too,” he said, adding warmth to the experience.


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