Bua Pan was pulled down by Phaya Chan to the bottom of the underground city and Doctor Akanee hurriedly followed him down to help.

Bua Pan was pulled down by Phaya Chan to the bottom of the underground city.Doctor Akanee rushed to help him, causing Chao Mae Thao Huk to become very angry.Mekong River Fairy Drama (End) Channel 3

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Channel 3
8:20 p.m Spirit of the Mekong River (End) after Doctor Akane met Bua Pan and will come Bua Pan Go back to Nang Khoi Village Bua Pan that’s okay Phaya Chan pulled down to the underworld fire hurry to help

Channel 7

12.45 Gold Star Junction Old but old! Nunan Love Freedom season, showing great style, challenging Chon Pin Pornchanok Win the championship throne for a hundred thousand

Mono 29

18.00 Reverend Father Teng 2 generations Har rich, history Reverend Father Joey New monks enter the Buddhist Lent at the temple insteadReverend Father Teng Aiming for the Dharma by traveling to Tibet But after staying at the temple for a short time, he was ordered to develop a temple that was in trouble. Before leaving, he went to say goodbye to his sick mother. said Yom There are some secrets about Luang Pee’s father Yom. and gave an important item to change Luang Pu’s life forever

8 p.m Extract plans to kill, hunt savages history Max The taxi driver was polite. He has been doing this for over twelve years, good-natured, and respectful of his One night customers. Max have a named customer Vincent by Mao running around the city and stopping at various points as he ordered Max He later began to notice that he was a prescription killer, skilled and did not hesitate to finish the mission.

11:20 p.m Here… which country? history Collins and his mischievous best friend Miles, they work as mobile contractors. he only saw the neighborhood he grew up in changing rapidly
10:30 p.m One day with Matthew One day it’s good Hit someone famous, good voice. Tao Tao The Voice Open your heart to become friends who love good sound, good chemistry. because both parties use music to fight for their lives Sing a song chasing a dream too

Channel One 31

19.00 one bride butterfly pea doubt the relationship of Marwin and Fahsai and heard accidentally clear sky threaten Marvin to some secret So he plans to investigate the secret the couple has been hiding.

9:15 p.m SERIES 14 LOVE AND FAITH FRIDAY CLUB department marriage certificate History of the differences between two women’s marriage certificate beliefs. lack of marriage certificate just a mistress how to be happy Can a person who only has a marriage certificate be happy?

Channel 24 True4U

8 p.m Bad Men hunt the city authoritative prosecutor joined the mad dog team a wheel sudden death

Channel GMM25

8:30 p.m The Eclipse Cat When the world gang has not forgotten, it has not stopped protesting, causing adj As president of student inspector Jataka teacher press so hard and adj feeling very stressed

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