Bua tries to find a way back home. After knowing that he went back in time 182 years, but it didn’t work

Bua tries to find a way back home. After knowing that he had gone back in time for 182 years, but it was not effective, he decided to move on with his life, Drama Mor Luang, at 8:30 pm, Channel 3.

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Channel 3

Nang Suea Forest

7:00 p.m Nang Suea Forest diamond auction day ability set up a strong defense force, causing a star with cicada conspiracy to steal diamonds Sinchai It is so difficult when Rattana Arriving at the event, Sinchai tied his hands and fisted that the person was wearing a crown decorated with diamonds to be displayed at the event.

20.30 royal physician lotus trying to find a way back home After knowing that he had gone back in time 182 years but it didn’t work, he decided to move on with his life. although I miss home a lot Tong Aon Must go to apply for the exam to become a student of the royal doctor according to his father’s order but instead met the contemptuous eyes of other candidates After knowing who Tong Aon is

Channel 7 HD



20.30 fire Jainism come and have a look Pim with win a wow baby while teaching children Shane then took advantage of the opportunity when Pim went out to get snacks and looked at Luk Wah and captured Pim. independent Heard Shane say he would take Pim to an abandoned building. So he hurriedly told Win to go and help Pim.

Channel GMM25


Nightfall Museum

20.30 Nightfall Museum when a dome no a dome the same person who Scepter used to know each other, and this job also has chaotic things going on at the same time, Mace is suddenly thrust back into his own past world

Channel 8


love revenge song

6:00 p.m love revenge song starlight he came out partying and drinking heavily, causing light Seeing shocking symptoms back and forth, I was worried. So backing back to the accommodation The intimacy and the feelings in the heart that the two of them have for each other Then Praphat pulled Saengdao in for a kiss to measure his heart. The starlight swayed easily.

Channel MONO29



3:30 p.m Me The origin story of these me It started as a yellow single-celled organism. Evolved and serves the gods of evil masters. The minions have forever failed to save their master’s life. but one name is mine Kevin have a plan and work with it Stuart Chom Kian and Bob Cute in an adventure in the wide world to find a new villain boss for him and his friends.


Marine Corps Investigation Brigade

10:50 p.m Marine Corps Investigations Season 13 Episode 17 (NCIS: Season 13 Los Angeles EP.17) unit officer NCIS to assist naval intelligence officers in the search for a fellow officer who is missing because he has assets overseas for intelligence sources Cullen a Nate to look for a man who believes They have been trained to look for missing people together.


Deciphering secret codes that change the world

11:50 p.m Deciphering secrets, the genius changes the world (The Imitation Game) biographical film Alan Turing Mathematician and code breaker from the Second World War who helped the United Kingdom. Deciphering the German Enigma code until the war was won But Turing was later accused of crimes by the British government in 1952 because he was homosexual.