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Bualuang Securities launches the 10th year of The Stock Master, responding to Gen Y-Gen Z trends to play stocks with knowledge

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Mr. Banrong Pichayakorn, Senior Managing Director securities trading Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited or Bualuang Securities revealed that from the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the year 2021 is considered a year for new investors. Open a new account to trade shares in the Thai stock market, an increase of approximately 750,000, most of them are new generation investors, using Gen Y (25-41 years old) and Gen Z (13-24 years old) who have started to enter. play a role from the IPO subscription at the beginning of last year. and has significantly increased trading volume The management team therefore came up with an idea to provide knowledge on the right investment methods to new investors who have just entered the market. With the launch of “The Stock Master Year 10”, a project to build quality investors. “Really know the real field” under the concept “Building investment power for newbies It is expected that there will be a large number of interested people participating in the project.

Mr. Banronong said that for this year’s special A team of investment experts has designed an online course that allows for private Q&A sessions. Especially for novice investors which will start teaching each other from the foundation of investment So that those who are just starting out in investing can know how to plan their finances. and create your own financial goals Divide the learning into 3 main subjects: 1. Create teaches you to know how to create a financial plan. To head towards Financial Freedom, focusing on investors to know how to create wealth for themselves by managing income and expenses and allocating money to save and invest by Mr. Wasin Wattanaworakitkul, President of the Thai Financial Planners Association Let’s give advice on how to plan the right financial

2. Accumulate teach port upgrade With a financial machine (Financial Product), focusing on the fundamentals of stock selection and funds to expand wealth, teaching to read basic financial statements as well as recommending investment tools that will allow the portfolio to grow above inflation in the future It also teaches speculative techniques in Derivative Warrants or DW, a hedging tool. or use short-term speculation Both in the up market (Call) and the down market (Put), which is an investment that the new generation is interested in right now. This can be seen from the proportion of trading value that has been growing continuously. as well as teaching how to diversify risks through investing in foreign stocks, etc.

3. Protect teaches you to understand risks, know how to manage risks. and life protection Emphasis on investors to protect their wealth. through insurance planning as well as teach you how to arrange a portfolio to suit your own risk level By Ms. Laddawan Sitthiwaranan, Executive Vice President Sales channels for financial institutions and other channels Bangkok Life Assurance PCL. Recommendations for creating collateral to reduce investment risks and life protection

“Over the past 9 years, what The Stock Master project has always focused on is creating quality investors for “Really with the real field” As in the past 1-2 years, we have started to see a large number of new investors entering the stock market. Especially the Gen Y group (age 25-41), which many new investors are still just starting to invest. and want to understand about trading, how to choose stocks or measure the level of cheapness including how to use online investment tools, etc., which this project Will come to provide accurate investment knowledge that newbies should know in every dimension. where our team of investment experts will be paired to answer all questions throughout the project,” said Mr. Banronong.

For those interested in learning about investing Every Saturday throughout November with The Stock Master Program Year 10 Apply at www.bualuang.co.th/thestockmaster From today – October 29, 2021, the application fee is 1,000 baht, which participants will receive special privileges throughout the project from Bualuang Securities, such as group insurance coverage. free of charge Life coverage up to 100,000 baht and accident coverage up to 300,000 baht for a period of 1 year, guaranteed by Bangkok Life Assurance PCL, etc.

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