Bualuang Securities sends Wealth Connex app to highlight the advantages of automatic personal investment.

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20 May 2022 16:15

Bualuang Securities Submit an application for Wealth Connex, a Hybrid Service Platform, highlighting the advantages of automatic private investment to customers.

On 20 May 65, Mr. Bornrong Phichayakorn, Senior Managing Director securities trading Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited (BLS) said it has launched the Wealth Connex application, a service that connects all knowledge and investment services. By applying new digital technology to applications that have a hybrid service system in a single platform. The benefits that investors will receive from using the Wealth Connex application service are as follows:

1. Digital Touchpoint connecting investment opportunities with the company’s analytical team and investment specialist team conveniently. through online channels as if having branches in the Internet world

2. Direct & Low Latency Users communicate their investments directly with the investment team and team of investment experts. resulting in reliable, complete and fast information

3. Wealth Opportunity has access to knowledge resources and investment information. In-depth and up-to-date on every situation gathered in one place. To enable investors to manage their investments widely through participating in discussion groups of interest.

4. Personalized Experiences brings information management systems. Come to help with automatic identity alert service such as benefits list, dividend, capital increase, stock price change, technical signal.

5. Secured & Confidence Get more secure communications. Because it is a platform that has verified the identity of all real users, it can be called an application that can connect investment opportunities. ready to meet the needs of investors who have a lifestyle that changes according to the current situation as well

Bualuang Securities customers can access Wealth Connex services covering all features. by downloading the Wealth Connex application on both iOS and Android mobile phones or accessing through www.bualuang.co.th/wconnex For general investors, you can try it for 7 days.

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