Buckeye fans killed a 6-year battle against cancer called Michigan &

BELLVILLE, Ohio – A boy boy from Bellville, Ohio who loved the Buckeyes and fought for cancer by labeled his "Michigan," disease.

Grant Reed was diagnosed with brain cancer in May 2012 at 11 years of age, Columbus Sent reports.

At that age, it was reported that the staff at Nationwide Children's Hospital had nominated the "enemy" grant, which was a tennis ball size tumble near his gas.

Grant said his father, Troy Reed, said "I'm going to name Michigan. Because Ohio State will always be Michigan."

In fact, national attention was not felt but Michigan had only national attention, but then visited the football coach, Urban Meyer.

The Grant made a surgery to remove the tumor, followed by radiation and chemotherapy, which was "Michigan" once again, but again in 2014.

However, after the death of cancer twice, "Michigan" appeared back in August 2018. According to its Facebook page, the Grant was being treated at Nationwide Children's Hospital since then.

Unfortunately, the Grant left at 6:38 a.m. Sunday after a 6 year and 9 month ride.

His father, Troy, shared on Facebook that the Grants won "his final victory over M * CH * G * N because he can not hurt again."

He left the grant peacefully with his family on his side.

Recent MRI results reported that tumors were growing to aggression, without the effect of the treatment. When a Giving condition began to decline on Saturday afternoon, choose his familyIn order to pursue any aggressive interventions, keep it comfortable. "

"The Grant gave so much life to this world and everyone loved him. God bless me by letting me be a dad, but I'm afraid I learned more than he taught. I've never been. The strongest hero I ever met and fought like a champion to the end, "wrote his father. "The last 6 years and 9 months have been a journey that strengthened our family and our community and brought them all together and the Grant was the one who gave him the money. He was a man among men and I pray that everyone who touches her never forgets his spirit. "

Read the full statement from the father of the Grant, here.



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