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Ms Market is obsessed with constellations. Seeing that the Indian prodigy Anand had ominous predictions, he was so nervous that he told the Buddhist men to reduce their stocks. After passing the news, it turned out that Jupiter was hit when it entered Capricorn. “For China It is not a good sign,” and there will be “systematic disasters” in global stock markets from March to April 2022.

Buddhism men don’t understand horoscopes, but they have some observations about the stock market. U.S. stocks are expensive and highly valued. I don’t know how many autumns have been talked about. I don’t need to comment any more, but there are three latest “unknown signs” worth paying attention to:

1) In the past two weeks, US companies announced their third-quarter financial reports. The profit growth of the bancassurance industry seen last week was largely due to mergers and acquisitions and stock trading. The operating growth was relatively unsatisfactory. Looking back at the history of the stock market over a century, the growth of corporate profits in a bubble is often driven by these two factors. For the bubble to burst, it seems that the only thing left is the accumulation of leverage.
2) All methods are dreamy bubbles, but there are four seasons of cold and heat in the dreamland. The economic stock market also has cycles. Recently, the raw materials and energy industries have become popular, and inflation expectations have risen. It is obvious that the economic cycle has entered a slowing stage, which means that corporate profit growth seems to have reached or is almost at its peak.
3) The rising costs of raw materials, transportation, and production are all bad news for producers. The profit margins of most industries will be under pressure, which is another signal of peaking profitability.

The difference between American ghost girls and Hong Kong girls is that ghost girls are optimistic by nature, so many stocks that are under pressure before the switch have risen several times. Hong Kong women have always been realistic and shrewd, and they should see improvement, and even wait until the trend can be confirmed, before they will favor consumption, transportation, food and entertainment and other miserable sectors. In recent years, Hong Kong men who have fallen in love with speculation in the US stock market have to automatically adjust their mentality and opinions, so as not to apply the situation in Hong Kong to the United States. There is a big cultural difference between Gougang Girl and Gou Guimei. Although there are three “unknown signs” in the U.S. stock market, there is a great opportunity for community opening after the epidemic to further boost the local economy, especially small and medium-sized stocks. Based on these “known facts,” it is really difficult to infer that global stock markets will experience a systemic disaster from March to April.

In addition to Alibaba (09988) mentioned in the previous issue, Sands China (01928), which was sold at 20 yuan downstairs, is also buying more and more. According to the technical school, the bottom is already formed, and the power will be regained after rising through the 20 antennas. At least 30 pieces of sands in hand will be put on sale. (laugh)

The ups and downs of the stock market are just like electricity, and they have a price in their own holdings. Buddhist believers can “behave like this.” Don’t follow the ups and downs of the stock market.

To sell it, a Buddhist man took a fancy to a “Hong Kong stock” listed on Nasdaq, which will be published on FB from time to time.

Below is the link to the FB page of Buddhist males, and everyone will follow more and leave more comments:

Liang Shude

The author has successively completed master’s courses in philosophy, psychology, economics, corporate governance and business administration, and has extensive experience in securities analysis, corporate strategic planning, investor relations and wealth management. On this shore of the end of the troubled times, the classics on the classics are the standard, and the heart is ups and downs, and the smile is peaceful. The author is a licensee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

(Editor’s note: “Buddhist Stock Review” will be uploaded on the Hong Kong Economic Journal’s website every Tuesday before the market)


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