Buddy Bailey will be the captain of the Tigers for the 2023-24 season

After a pleasant meeting held in Arizona, Víctor Zambrano, president of the organization, announced the hiring of Welby “Buddy” Bailey as the new manager of Tigres de Aragua for the 2023-24 season of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League.

Zambrano, who is making an important tour of the Major League spring camps, together with the sports management advisor, David Brito, expressed his pleasure to have Bailey under the team’s reins again.

“Without a doubt, we all know Bailey’s work and we believe that it is the best for the project that we are developing at this moment, he returns to a city and to a fan that loves him and with a competitive project for our team, he will trust with youth, give young people an opportunity and that confidence, with the mixture of veteran players that we have and that he already knows, he will be there from the first day of practice, he will collaborate with the incorporation of the coaching staff, in the same way helping to make the importation of the team for the next season, working hand in hand with the sports management, has that desire to be champion again”, commented Zambrano from Arizona.

Bailey returns for a third stage with Tigres after his successful stint between 2002 and 2014 in which he won 6 championship titles, with 8 finals played, as well as a three-time championship and a Caribbean Series. Later he returned as Eduardo Pérez’s bench coach and ended up assuming the reins of the team, but then he left the team after the decision not to continue with him.

The North American is the second manager with the most championship titles in Venezuelan baseball, with a total of 6, behind the Cuban Regino Otero who accumulated 7 in his career.

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