Budh Rashi Parivartan 2021: Mercury transit in Capricorn effects on zodiac sign l The luck of these 3 zodiac signs will change tomorrow; And financial gain with promotion

Mercury Transit 2021: The change in the zodiac of the planets affects the lives of all human beings. According to astrology, every time a planet changes its zodiac sign, all the 12 zodiac signs have a positive or negative effect. Mercury, the ruler of the planets, will change his zodiac sign on December 29.

Mercury will move from Sagittarius to Capricorn at 11:40 am. This zodiac change of Sagittarius will benefit 3 zodiac signs. Let’s see what zodiac signs it is …

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Location (Taurus)

Mercury’s zodiac sign is good for zodiac signs. Mercury will benefit from legal action during the transition. At the same time, the full benefits of hard work are going to be available. Apart from this, family problems can also be solved. There will also be economic progress. Life will be happy.


Mercury’s transit will be auspicious for Scorpios. With the transit of Mercury all wishes will come true. In addition, there will be economic growth due to job change. In addition, this transit will facilitate job change. There will be opportunities for promotion in the workplace. This change would be good for government employees. There may be immediate financial gain.

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Mercury’s transit is also auspicious for Sagittarius. This transition of Mercury will bring efficiency at work. Employees on the job will appreciate the work. With this, the profit in the business will also increase. And investing in something can be rewarding.

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