Home Health Bueng Kan shows up in 3 clusters. 126 infected. Revealed to go to 3 provinces but not quarantined.

Bueng Kan shows up in 3 clusters. 126 infected. Revealed to go to 3 provinces but not quarantined.

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Bueng Kan Provincial Public Health Office reported that 3 more large clusters have been infected with 126 cases, revealing that they have traveled to 3 provinces but are not quarantined.

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On October 26, 21, at the Phu Tok meeting room, 2nd floor, Bueng Kan City Hall, Mr. Sanit Khaosa-ad, Bueng Kan Provincial Governor, chairman of the Bueng Kan Communicable Disease Committee. Call for an urgent meeting of the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee to monitor the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 after finding more infected people in many areas It is characterized by spreading in clusters. or cluster with relevant agencies attending the meeting Track vaccination progress and measures to prepare for the opening of the semester that will arrive soon

Dr Pamorn Darun, a public health doctor in Bueng Kan province, said that at the moment there are 1,970 cases, 1,824 recoveries, and 132 are still being treated, while the cumulative number of deaths is 14. The situation in October The epidemic was found in 3 major clusters:

1. Funeral Cluster At Ban Nong Na Saeng, Wisit Subdistrict, Mueang Bueng Kan District The first was caused by infected people who traveled from Samut Prakan to attend funerals. There are now 42 infected people. Measures to close the village. and proactively screening the entire village There is a local government organization in the rice delivery area. At the end of this month, the situation is expected to improve. and can open a village

2. Ban Sai Panya Cluster, Seka Sub-district, Seka District, Bueng Kan Province, was originally from people in the area working as a construction contractor. Traveling between Bueng Kan-Prachinburi-Chonburi but not detained and lead a normal life Currently, 53 cases have been found (yesterday, 26 cases were found). Measures are now closed villages. proactive screening and quarantine all vulnerable people Local government organizations in the rice delivery area There are quite a lot of high-risk people, about 800 cases, and the situation is expected to be resolved. and can open the village at the end of October

3. Ban Pho Noi Cluster, Tha Kok Daeng Subdistrict, Seka District, Bueng Kan Province, initially caused by 2 father and son having flu symptoms. but incurable therefore went to see a doctor The test results showed that he was infected with COVID-19. The cause of the infection is unknown at this time. Due to the investigation of the disease, the two cases had no history of traveling outside the area. The cluster currently has 31 infected people, including relatives and villagers. The situation is expected to calm down. and can open the village in early Nov. With the total of 3 clusters, 126 people have been infected.

Over 60 percent of children aged 12-17 have been vaccinated, with 40 percent awaiting the next round of Pfizer vaccines in November.

Dr. Pamorn continued that all schools according to the COVID-Free Setting measures must follow the guidelines of the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee. Education personnel must be 100% vaccinated. Approximately 60% of educators are vaccinated, and the rest must be vaccinated by October 31st so that schools can start on-site semesters.

Of the 208 schools under the NEDA, proposed plans to open On Site on November 1, 21, coming to 195 schools, representing 93.75%. Initially, they agreed to open On Site for all 195 schools, 25 schools belonging to NEDA. 100% ready. 7 vocational institutes are ready to open all 7 places 100%. Between -5 Nov., a committee of the province will be set up to monitor the practice of opening the semester according to the plan / measures to prevent Covid-19.

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