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“Bugs” hard luck slaughter “Hawks” Karang 113-102

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As for the “Bucks”, who solved the game well in the last match, still have “Yannis Antetukumpo”, the main scorer of the team. lead the deer falcon hunting

Opening the first quarter, “Hawks” used the right to take the home loop 32-27 first.

After the second quarter, “Hawks” continued to control the tempo of the game, but the “bugs” did not give up easily, chasing up until the equalizer before the end of the first half, “Atlanta Hawks” The United States drew with the Milwaukee Bucks 56-56.

Then, in the third quarter, at the end of “Tre Young”, an ankle injury turned from the stroke of the referee’s foot. causing him to leave for a while But the team is still leading 85-83.

Until the last quarter, “Hawks”, the gun began to stiffen, despite having “Tre Young” back, but the form seemed to force the “bugs”, who focused on sure to take the points inside. Flipped over to take the lead and score torn away.

After the game, the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Atlanta Hawks 113-102, leading the series 2-1 in the next game, still playing at home. Hawks” on June 30, 64, about 8:30 a.m. in our home time.

For the Milwaukee Bucks, who had a stronger inner circle, Chris Middleton made a double-double with 38 points and 11 rebounds, while the Atlanta Hawks broke the wing. At the end of the game, “Tre Young” who fights until the end of the game, presses 35 points.

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