Build a huge telescope in Hawaii to resume after protests, court battles

Build a huge telescope in Hawaii to resume after protests, court battles

HONOLULU – The construction of a huge telescope will resume next week after long court battles and passionate protests from those who say it is being built on the highest mountain in Hawaii it will dissolve sacred land for some Native Hawaiian.

State officials announced on Wednesday that the road to the top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island will be closed starting Monday as the equipment is delivered.

Scientists reveal the mountain above the clouds which gives a clear view of the sky with a little air and light pollution. Astronomers say it will give them a chance to come back 13 billion years to answer fundamental questions about the advent of the universe.

The Thirty Meter Telescope project was allowed to proceed last month. While it was the final legal step, the colleagues promised to keep the fight and even catch them if necessary to stop the building.

Gov. David Ige that unarmed National Guard units will be used to carry personnel and supplies and enforce some road closures, but will not be used in law enforcement capacity during planned objections.

"We are just asking people to be safe … we will certainly ask them to respect those who have to work on this project," said Ige. "We certainly appreciate those who choose their disagreement with the project – we understand that is also important."

Four protesters held signs in the governor's office reception area after officials announced construction plans. The violations of the mountain will be peaceful, said Healani Sonoda-Pale.

Rhonda Vincent said that like access to a church stopped the road to close.

"If we can not access our own gods, our own spirituality, that is not wrong?" she said.

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