Bum Treerak finished delivering fertilizer and flew back to LA. simple birthday old friend gift

Transporting fertilizers to send to customers to patrol to work at the end of the year Bum Treerak completed the delivery of earthworm fertilizer. Hurry up and fly home for a second home that LA hasn’t been in for 2 years. simple birthday gifts from friends of different ages

former heroine Bum Treerak After posting the clip Ready to reveal that Patrol work to deliver earthworm fertilizer..Moon soil to regular customers before they go home to Los Angeles. tomorrow After the covid situation.. so I haven’t had a chance to travel back for 2 years. I recommend you to miss the 2nd house the most until now.. The dust must have caught you… #Pui #Pui Bumtrirak #worm manure #organic fertilizer #tree fertilizer #earthsave standard #Fertilizer #sisterfarmbytri #boomtrerak #trerakrakkandee #bumtrirak #triraklovegood

Before referred to flying back home for the second time in LA By stopping by to pick up a car that he left at a close friend’s house of different ages So we stopped by to spend the night at a friend’s house before going back to the condo. by celebrating Christmas with friends of different ages While friends in the entertainment industry such as Honey, Dee Chanana, the comments sent the heart and said that it was a very warm moment.

latest Bum posted a simple birthday clip with foreign friends of different ages. A special gift from a friend’s blessing with the caption “Happy Birthday to Me” #happybirthday #lifestyle #friendship #followme #boomtrerak #trerak #bumtrirak #trirukrakdee #california #cerritos

Bum also posted to go solo abroad. with the caption that Arrived.. #sandiego drove out of the city alone for almost 2 and a half hours because I wanted to come and jam with my grandchildren of Venice as always every year #friendship #lifestyle #happy @piersouthresort #piersouthresort #boomtrerak #trerak #Bum Tri Rak #Tri Rak Rak Dee #vacation



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